What To Do If You’re Struggling To Take Action

Are you struggling to get moving and start moving towards your goals?

Maybe you’ve even got yourself a gameplan…

But for some reason, the days and weeks go by, yet nothing’s getting done.

There’s always something to think about and contemplate before you dive in and start taking action.

Am I right?

Well, brace yourself, because today I’ve got a nice big sobering, slap in the face for you (but it’ll do you good, I promise).

All your thinking and contemplating is a waste of time.

Nothing happens until you start taking action.

Even if you fail to begin with (which is likely in most situations), you’re learning what NOT to do.

What a lot of people don’t like to tell you is that success is like trying to find your way through a house in pitch black darkness… you have to bang into the walls a few times in order to find out where they are.

But standing still in one spot, trying to contemplate and guess where the walls are going to be, gets you NOWHERE.

Now I’m not saying this to rip on you, I’m speaking from experience…

The times when I have allowed myself to procrastinate and sit around in mental masturbation, reading too many books or distracting myself with things that while I could convince myself they were important, were not as important as the task I was putting off and running from, are the times I stopped making progress.

Even if you don’t know what you want, but know that you sure as hell don’t want to stay where you are, you need to get moving.

If you’ve struggled to get moving your entire life, the first thing you need to do is build some discipline.

Discipline is the foundation for all success, it’s the bridge that connects dreams, goals and visions into reality.

Sadly, a healthy level of of personal discipline is quite rare among most people these days…

But, discipline is like a muscle, it can be cultivated (and it doesn’t take all that long either).

So even if you’ve struggled with taking action all your life, you CAN change that, starting today.

If you want to start making things happen, if you want to finally start moving forward in your life, then take this discipline bootcamp.

It’s time to start challenging yourself.

It’s time to start hustling.

It’s time to start winning.

All the best,

Ryan “Nothing Without Discipline” Kuchel

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Ryan Kuchel is an entrepreneur and founder of AggressiveEvolution.com.

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