What Every “Hustler” Needs to Hear About Taking Time-Off

So I’m back on the grind today after three solid days of sleeping, eating hot cross buns (fuck yeah Easter), and really doing sweet fuck all.

The only things I did that was remotely productive was train and read/listen to a lot of Eckhart Tolle. Dammit I love that man (no homo) and his teachings…

Anywayz, after three days off of recovery and not giving a shit about anything, I woke up at 5:30 AM today, feeling phresh and ready to kill it’.

Fuck yeah.

“Cool, you’re feeling recharged, what’s your point Ryan?”

It’s this:

If you’re feeling flat, burnt out, fatigued, sick or any form of exhaustion, allow yourself to take some a window of time to yourself, where you stop caring about anything and give yourself permission to be as lazy as you want…

It took me long enough to learn this lesson, but this weekend it set in.

A lot of people (especially in the Entrepreneurial scene) will tell you that if you REALLY want to be successful, you’re ALWAYS on.

“Hustle harder, sleep is for the weak, NO DAYS OFF!”


Often times it’s a simple macho-based “I’m way tuffer than all of you” act…

That does have merit in certain situations (hitting strict deadlines, getting started etc)…

Yet as a long term strategy for success?


Without the appropriate context, it’s just ego-based, meat-headed stupidity.

Taking pride in pushing yourself through being chronic sleep deprivation/exhaustion is about as intelligent as a 19 year old who takes pride in how quick he can put a beer down through a beer bong…

In other words, masochistic nonsense.

Point is, sometimes the best thing you can do for your success is to stop giving a shit for a few days and give your body and mind some time to get it’s shit together.

As I’ve mentioned before, as long as your time off fits into the bigger picture (take time off so you can come back stronger)…

Then have at it, and don’t let guilt interfere with your rest.

All the best,


Ryan “Phresh” Kuchel

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