Careful, Weakness is Contagious…

What kind of quality are the people you have in your life?

Are they consumed by vice and weakness every day?

See, most people spend their lives as slaves to their weaknesses, addictions and poor habits…

It infiltrates their character, harming themselves and most people they come in contact with, all while they’re often blind to the vice and the damage it’s on their surroundings.

Seneca says:

“If you wish to be stripped of your vices you must get right away from the examples others set of them.”

If you want to eliminate a poor addiction or some form of weakness, then you need to do your best to eliminate the people in your life who carry out the behavior or vice you’re trying to eliminate.

  • If you’re trying to eliminate alcohol from your life, you need to stop hanging around those mates who live for nothing more than a drunken existence every weekend.
  • If you want to stop negative thinking, steer clear of those friends who do nothing but lay out a pile of complaints and unhappiness about everything that happens to them.

If you want to move toward a life of independence, strength and happiness, you urgently need to start discriminating then people you allow in your company regularly.

Not in a hostile way mind you, rather in the same way as you would avoid a friend who is sick with a contagious infection…

It’s in everyone’s best interests if they are left alone until their immune system has overcome the infection. Spending time in their company will do nothing to help them get better, but will only give you every chance of being infected too.

So, it would be wise to treat those who have particularly pronounced vices, addiction and weaknesses that you’re vulnerable to in the same way. By withdrawing your company from them until they make an improvement.

Association only increases your chance of the vice taking root in your character.

“But what if they don’t get better?”

Then cut them out of your life.

If your sick friend insisted on maintaining and cultivating their illness with no mind to get better, would you not think them insane and have no problem disassociating with them?

The same is true for those who are consumed by vice.

If they ask for help however, give as much as you can afford to.

Their self-awareness means they are already on the mend, and the contagiousness of the vice diminishes when the perpetrator is willing to admit fault and is taking action to correct it.

It’s those who live blind to and are advocates for their own vices who are harmful, to you and everyone they come in contact with.

Keep this in mind when choosing the company you keep, and be sure to reflect on the effects and the quality of the character of your peers.

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Ryan “Not Getting Infected” Kuchel

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