The Winners Mindset For Dealing With Tuff Times

You’re going through a tough breakup….

You lost a substantial amount of cash…

A loved one died…

Been through any of the above?

If you haven’t, don’t get too giddy…

Because going through rough times like these (or similar) are essentially a condition of being a human being.

Eventually, shit will hit the fan…

No point trying to ignore it, if you’ve been livin’ good up until now, eventually the tough times will rear their unwelcome face.

And when this does happen, you best be prepared my friend…

So today, I’m going to help you do just that.


The Winners Mindset For Dealing With Tuff Times:

This mindset is simple, yet counter-intuitive to what most folks do when shit hits the fan…

It requires some balls to execute, but when utilized, can profitably turn pain and loss into strength and gain.

The formula goes like so:

When life pulls out a crowbar and dings you one from behind, there’s an opportunity within the pain to come out better than before.

Essentially, you are to utilize adversity to make you stronger.

How do you do this?

Like so…

Whenever life has decided that things are just too dandy for you the way they are, and decides that a good gut-rippin’ is in order…

Your response is lean into the pain and take it as a challenge, a challenge to see how quickly and effectively you can come back to your center.

Your mission is to get back to that place where you’re grounded, at ease, and feel an underlying sense of peace and gratitude as you go about your day, without backing down to the adversity (important).

To get back to feeling chuffed to be living every day of your life, regardless of what is happening on the external, you feel a quiet, yet powerful sense of peace.

See, this adversity you’re going through (that is supposedly “bad”), is a force multiplier for your ability to regulate and control your own emotions and contentment.

Do you remember the anime series Dragonball Z?

I used to dig it as a kid, and I remember a few episodes where the characters went into an increased gravity training chamber, they would ramp up the gravity in order to multiply the effects of training…

Well, that’s exactly how you should treat adversity:

Tough times are a force multiplier for your ability to come back to center, feeling grounded.

By managing to effectively bring yourself back to your baseline when shit hits the fan, you’re training yourself to become more and more immune to the other challenges that lay in your path down the road (and they’re comin’, trust me).

Doing the things that improve your life when things are all clean and peachy is one thing…

But continuing to do them when life’s kicked you in the ballz, guts and snoz at the same time… that’s another thing altogether.

That’s where some TOUGH character is formed.

Character that will pay you back multiple times over.

So don’t be like everyone else and turn your back and run from adversity.

Don’t shy away from it.

Instead, square yourself up to the shit and lean into it.

When shit gets tough, is when you up the ante even more.

Take advantage of it, that’s some potent evolutionary pressure right there.

You got this,


Ryan “Profit From Adversity” Kuchel

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