The Truth About Blogging (How To make Money Online in 2016 – Part 3)

Today I’m gonna riff about blogging, writing and the truth about blogging as a means of income…

There are a lot of ways I can tackle this, but I’ll let a recent readers question kick things off…

Louis asks:

“It seems like the men’s improvement bloggers talk about freedom but are all working 12+ hours a day on their site. Is that freedom? What is the truth about male bloggers making a good income?”

I’m gonna preface this by saying that despite the fact that I do write and publish content regularly, I wouldn’t consider myself a “pro” blogger.

Simply because I don’t make a living from writing this content, I have consciously chosen NOT to write on for the primary purpose of making money.

I just open up an empty doc and yammer on about whatever’s on my mind for the day, with the only other guiding principle being that it should be of value to my readers and try to position it in a way that will help them as much as possible.

Not that I’m not against writing for money in any way…

However if my purpose was JUST to make money, I know my time would better invested elsewhere, outside of the manprovement/success niche.

Which kind of answers the question “what is the truth about male bloggers making a good income?”

It’s tough.

Simply because those who make up the market typically don’t have a lot of cash to spend, and are for the most part, “anti-marketing”.

The audience doesn’t respond well to bloggers overt/aggressive marketing in order to monetize their audience… The “come buy my stuff if/when you want” positioning is the most effective…

Which is why Victor Pride’s positioning works so well for the market. It’s effective, but damn hard/time-consuming to build.

Just look at Bold and Determined, Victor sells two ebooks, one for $15 and the other for $20, and (judging by the flavour of his latest content) it looks like he’s making the majority of his money by selling hosting packages as an affiliate (

Which again, is a very “low-ticket” item (this market doesn’t have that much cash), he does well because he’s the top dog and get’s high volume.

AND, not only has he created the product/solution for this market (a simple solution for starting a blog), he also plays a huge part in creating the desire for wanting to do such a thing in the first place (motivating his readers to want to step up and create something like they’re reading, and most just try to copy him and give up when they discover what I’m saying here), which is very tough and time-consuming to do.

(Note: I’m just saying this based off observation here, I could be wrong, I don’t know the guy at all).

The other leader, Danger and Play, sells a $9 Kindle book (which he’d make just under $7 in royalties from).

So yeh, the market dunt have that much cash to spend.

Point is: if you’re looking to start making money online, there are more straightforward and lucrative ways than becoming a “mens improvement” blogger.

I write primarily because I benefit from it massively and I just love talking about the shit that I write about…

I do make a little bit of cash, but it’s not what I’m here for. I spend about an hour a day on, the rest of my workday I actually am doing things for the skrilla.

So if you have something to say that has a “manprovement” flavor, then by all means go for it…

But don’t get into it just to make bank, there are other ways that are much more lucrative that becoming a blogger.

I’m not dun talking about blogging…

There’s still some more questions to answer, so will continue this tomorrow…

All the best,


Ryan “Better Ways To Make Bank” Kuchel


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