The One Thing REALLY Responsible For Success

“Success is a process, not an event”

MJ Demarco – The Millionaire Fastlane

For those of you who are sincere about building a life that is lived 100% on your own terms, you wouldn’t be poorly served tattooing that quote on your eyelids…

The sentiment contained in those few words is what separates the winners from the losers in this world… and for that reason goes counter productive to what the masses believe that achieving real success requires.

See, most people believe that success is the by product of some short-lived event (where luck is the major contributor), such as:

  • Winning the lottery.
  • Winning a mainstream talent content such as American Idol, X factor or America’s got talent.
  • Spending a few weeks building a million dollar app.

This belief that those who are successful became so through simply “getting lucky” is largely responsible for the disgusting amount of sloth, complaining and excuse making among those of us fortunate enough to be born into a time with such an abundance of opportunity.

On the other hand, the successful, the winners, understand that success is a by-product of processes, maintained and repeated day-in, day-out for months and years at a time.

It’s what has gotten me to where I am today, making more money than I ever did working a job on complete autopilot and being in the best shape of my life.

Here are just some of the processes that brought me to where I am today:

  • Spending 99% of my weekends working in a bar, earning money while everyone else was spending theirs on Jager bombs and pills they bought in a cubicle in the toilets…
  • Investing as much of this money as that I earned by the hour in my business, education (books, coaching, courses) and my health (supplements, gym membership, equipment etc).
  • Dedicating every day besides Sunday (my rest day) to making 0.01% progress toward my goals. Maybe on this day I proofread a few books and uploaded them to amazon, the next I did some keyword research, today I learned how to use my landing page builder. Each day one tiny piece of the puzzle was put in place.
  • Valuing consistency in the gym over how I’m feeling in the moment. This often meant hitting the gym for heavy squats at 3AM on a Sunday morning after working 8 hours in a nightclub.

You get the picture, it all comes down to a repetitive, consistent, ruthless dedication to taking that one next step.

Sure, sometimes I got a lucky break, but other times some event out of my control bent over and took a big shit all over my plans too.

But the point is that waking up every day, committed to dedicating the better part of the day to laying the next brick, is what has gotten me to where I am.

Rely on process, rest in it…

Find peace knowing that whatever happens, you can always lay the next brick and nothing can stop you from doing so…

Absorb this lesson, and success becomes a matter of when, rather than if…

All the best,


Ryan “Process Is Everything” Kuchel

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