The #1 Food Type That KILLS Motivation And Focus

So since the start of 2016 I’ve changed up my eating habits and the method I use to lean down…

Whereas previously I used a Cyclical Ketogenic Diet approach, I’m currently following a flexible dieting protocol.

Put simply, no foods are off limits as long as I get my protein in and stay under my calorie limit for the day (I’m loosely following Greg O’Gallaghers Aggressive Fat Loss)

And so far so good…

I’ve been dropping weight steadily and consistently, and it’s a shit ton of fun too (I’m especially diggin’ the organic chocolate).

But even though no foods are “technically” off limits, there are still plenty of foods that I know to steer clear from if I want my brain to resemble a productive and well functioning human being…

And there’s one BIG one that I’ve learned are the biggest shitter for productivity of the lot, which always leaves me saying “why the fuck did I eat that?” within minutes…

What is it?

Refined, high-gluten carbohydrates…

That is, white bread, pasta and most cereals are an absolute “fuck-no” if I intend on getting anything the least bit productive done that day.

If you often suffer from lethargy, brain fog and a lack of motivation, your diet is very likely to be the cause…

I’d think twice about sending anything gluten-heavy down your throat, even if you can “afford” the calories.

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Ryan “Too Tired To Think Of Anything Decent To Write Here” Kuchel

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