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Welcome to Aggressive Evolution.

You may be wondering, what the hell is this website about?

My name is Ryan Kuchel and I’m here to help instill you with the mindset you need so you can live life 100% on your own terms and turn your dreams into a reality, even if you’ve struggled your entire life with pushing yourself to step and be the most evolved version of yourself.

My personal mission is to help young guys (not unlike I used to be) to take control of their lives, free themselves from the hell of mediocrity and live life on their own terms.


Who is this site for?

Below are the core values that I stand for and teach here at Aggressive Evolution.

You will be at home here if these values vibe with you:

  • Freedom – Living life on your own terms.
  • Self Reliance – Living through your own values and judgement.
  • Success Principles – Understanding and implementing timeless principles for success.
  • Lifestyle Design – Building a life where you wake up excited and fired up every day.
  • Hustle – Hard work trumps talent.
  • Progression – Never-ending progression as a life value.
  • Contribution – Helping others to become the most evolved version of themselves.


Who is this site not for?

If this sounds like you and you’re not looking to change, you best leave before I offend you (I probably already have):

  • Poor Self Discipline Acting on whimsical emotions.
  • Slave to Externals Selling your soul for things outside of yourself (status, reputation, material possessions etc).
  • Bullshit – Devoting the majority of your attention and energy to bullshit such as mainstream media and pop culture.
  • Time wasting – In all forms.
  • Negativity All loser behavior, including hating, gossiping, complaining etc.
  • Ignorance Blind ideological belief in groupthink and cultural idols.
  • Degeneration – Living for your own destruction eg. Slaving away at a job all week so you can get blind drunk on the weekend.
  • Mediocrity – Settling for mediocrity instead of stepping up.
  • Pandering the Truth – Ignoring and/or sugar coating inconvenient truths.
  • Gluttony – All forms of sloth, laziness and gluttonous living.
  • Victim Mindset – Living as a victim to circumstances.


If you’re still reading, you want to be here and are serious about doing what it takes to live life on your own terms..

To get started, take a look at my free email bootcamp “Wake Up’, by clicking the image below.

All the best,

Ryan Kuchel


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