1 A Quick Lesson On Taking Advice…

Today I decided to chuck the laptop in my backpack and head out to get a coffee and do some work out of the office… It’s good being able work from where I want, the same workplace can get tedious without any variety… While I was getting stuck into one of the better almond lattes […]

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3 Ways to Stay Focused And Motivated

Time and energy is something that can slip away very quickly if you’re not vigilant on how it’s spent. Especially with the amount of mind-numbing content available to us for free at the click of a button. The ability to start focused on positivity and the hustle is something will be invaluable to you as […]

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2 Do This To Build Discipline FAST…

Currently, as I write this, it’s about 1:30AM. Just finished a crisp upper body workout at the gym… T’was a late workout, which I don’t mind, means I get the gym to myself. But to be honest, I didn’t really feel like going tonight. I got a decent amount of writing done earlier in the […]

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Get Off Their Plan And Start Working Yours

Look around you… Look at the way the masses are wasting away their lives… They (barely) function, yet they’re unconscious. Look into their eyes, they’re asleep, a slave to their own thoughts. Optimistic youth slows but surely fades into a bleak blur of coping strategies, life becomes about avoiding pain and fear as much as […]

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