Hold Up…

Today I’ve got nothing more for you than a reminder to those who are going just a tad too hard: It’s a different flavor than what you’d normally hear from me, but it does need to be said from time to time. Here goes: You’re doing fine. Stop being so hard on yourself. You’re making […]

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2 A Stress Free Way To Approach Goal Setting

Have you ever set yourself a massively audacious goal, mentally committed yourself to achieving it, and realized that all it did was caused you massive amounts of stress and overwhelm? Well, today I’ve got a new approach to goal setting, that doesn’t involve putting yourself in a state of mind where you’re living for the […]

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Wake Up, You’ve Got It SO Good…

Gotta question for you… What ‘lenses’ do you look through to see the world around you? Do they make the world look like an exciting, happy and prosperous place? Or do they make you feel scared, worried or stressed? Do you feel like the world is dangerous, everyone is out for themselves and is trying […]

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Do You Have A Failure Mindset?

Today I’m going to talk about failure… Specifically, failures I’ve had in the past when it comes to my entrepreneurial endeavors, and I’m going to reveal to you the flawed mindset that brought about said failures. This flawed mindset resulted in me spending a couple of years spinning my wheels, not making any significant progress […]

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How To Build Hustle Momentum

“I wish I had the discipline to do that.” “I wish I had the motivation to work so much, I just can’t do it.” Sound familiar? Maybe you’ve said it yourself… Or others have said that about you (I hope)… What we have here, are common words of the excuse-makers and procrastinators of the world… […]

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