Ketogenic Dieting – Everything You Need To Know

Do you want to burn fat, gain strength and improve health simultaneously? Good, because when done correctly, Ketogenic dieting will do exactly that. Regardless of what the conventional, dogmatic, government puppets labeled “nutritionists” and “health experts” will tell you, Ketogenic diets are extremely good for you and good ol’ objective science has my back on […]

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2 Become Indestrucible

“Ask for an underdog, and I’ll give you one. Don’t ever fucking count me out. Don’t ever doubt my convictions. Cause when it’s all said and done. I’ll be the last man standing. I am indestructible.” One Foot In The Grave – Winds Of Plague, Resistance (2013)   Chasing a dream? Hustling day in day […]

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5 Heavy Music For Heavy Lifts

Ruthless, Positive Aggression. If you want to make progress with heavy lifting. That’s what you need.   You need to fill yourself with that aggression. You need to make sure you are constantly fueled by that aggression.   The best way to do that?

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Don’t Share Your Pearls With Pigs

“Don’t share your pearls with pigs – you’ll piss them off and they’ll attack you. Because all they really wanted was to eat shit and slop.”   Look around you. People are pigs. They don’t care about inspiration, success or fulfillment. Pigs don’t care about books, quotes  or resources that can could their lives and […]

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3 Don’t Be Nice, Be Honest.

Growing up in society today, we are all taught to “be nice” to one another. “Don’t tread on anybodies toes, keep your head down and fit in.” We are conditioned to be politically correct, we are taught not to truly express ourselves if it means somebody is going to have their feelings hurt. We are […]

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The Difference Between The Strong And The Weak

Most people despise the strong and the successful. The skinny fat guy will talk shit about the jacked guy behind his back. The fat lasse who hasn’t has never had a boyfriend will say the beautiful girl is a snobby slut. The Beta male will bitch about the Alpha male behind his back. Telling anybody […]

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