3 Imitiation Is Suicide

“Envy is Ignorance Imitation is Suicide” Conformist – Genocide District   The fast-lane to mediocrity is through imitation of the mediocre. The fast-lane to unhappiness is through envy of the successful.   Most people drift through life making decisions based solely on what others think of them.

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8 Life On Keto – What To Expect On A Ketogenic Diet

A Ketogenic diet when done correctly, is a very simple and effective tool for fat loss and muscle gains. If you are unsure what a Ketogenic Diet is, check out my introduction post to Ketogenic dieting here. Speaking from experience of being on a personally modified Ketogenic diet for almost two years, I am going […]

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1 Stop Taking Your Thoughts Seriously

Becoming a stronger version of yourself requires discipline and a lot of hard fucking work. If you want to achieve success you’re going to have to push yourself beyond your limits. You’re going to get very, very tired and you will have to learn to push through that tiredness and just keep going. Being tired […]

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The Foolproof Way to Follow Through With Your Diet

If you’re thinking of undertaking a diet, and you’re not accustomed to disciplined eating, you’re probably not 100% sure if you’re going to be able to maintain it. Well lucky for you I am going to infuse you with the motivation to succeed by forcing you to take full responsibility for yourself while developing an […]

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3 Super Simple Introduction To Ketogenic Dieting

Ketogenic dieting is a super simple and effective way to get yourself lean, strong and healthier in general. For those of you who have no idea what a Ketogenic diet is, this is a super simple introduction. I’m not going to get very scientific here, if you want to know the in depth biological processes […]

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Types of Ketogenic Diets

If you are unfamiliar with Ketogenic dieting, you can check out this post for the how and why. I am going to briefly describe the three main types of Ketogenic diets, and describe the main differences between the three. The three types of Ketogenic diets are: Standard Ketogenic Diet (SKD) Cyclical Ketogenic Diet (CKD) Targeted […]

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