One Winner, One Loser – Part 1

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The following is a fictional story involving two young lads who decide to take it upon themselves to start working toward a respectable looking, feeling and performing body.

While the characters are fictional, the traits these dudes exhibit are 100% real. I have concocted this story based on the character traits of people I observe and interact with who claim to be in pursuit of a better physique.

One Winner, One Loser – Part 1

Two young guys, one is called James, the other is called John.

They have come to the common realization among young men that having a strong and lean physique would probably be a lot better than not having a strong and lean physique. So they decide they are going to try to get a strong and lean physique. Make sense so far?

When they see a guy with broad shoulders and a thin, healthy looking face, they feel inferior. Because well, physically, they are inferior.


They are both 20 years old and are sitting at 20% body fat.

They’ve figured that chicks generally get wetter for dudes who are in shape than those who are not. So their (primary) motivation is women. Powerful, yet not in no way uncommon.


They have similar builds and their body responds to food in very similar ways. Biologically they are very similar.

They do not have what most call “good genetics” or a “naturally fast metabolism”. They are both very susceptible to gaining weight, especially now they are moving past adolescence.

You get the point. Two normal dudes, who want to get in shape so they can get some more pussy. Pretty common shit.


It’s All In The Head

Mentally however, there are some fundamental differences between the two.

James believes that the fact that he is overweight is not his fault – “I don’t cook my own meals, I can’t help it that my parents prepare me fattening food!” he tells himself and anyone who will listen.

“My metabolism isn’t as good as yours, you’re lucky because you get to eat whatever you want and remain thin as a rake” – he tells his naturally athletic friend eating his second Big Mac.

James doesn’t like to look at himself in the mirror without a shirt on, and avoids it as much as he can as it’s makes him feel too uncomfortable. He’d tries to ignore the problem as much as possible.

He doesn’t like people naming his weight problem and gets easily offended and defensive if somebody makes the slightest joke regarding his weight.

He does his best to convince himself that his physical state is beyond his control, that he isn’t to blame and he shouldn’t feel bad seeing as though his parents and genetics are responsible for the state of his body.

“It’s not my fault!” he says. Apparently, nothing is ever his fault.

Basically, James is a little bitch and would rather live in his self-concocted land of delusion, ignoring his obvious shortcomings of character rather than accept his current suckiness at life and the pain that comes with it.


John however, has admitted to himself that the state of his body is nobody’s fault but his own. His parents aren’t to blame for buying fattening food (although they do), his genetics aren’t to blame for storing fat (although he knows of people who eat worse than him and remain in better shape).

While his friends do have a “naturally good metabolism”, he knows that he doesn’t – that’s just how it is.

He has to work a lot harder to achieve a physical state similar to most of his peers, which he views not as a hindrance and unfair, but rather as an opportunity to grow in character and learn about fundamental principles of success.

John acknowledges objective reality, that is – the facts.

“Yes I am fat and it is 100% my own fault. Crying about it won’t help anyone, I can either carry on being fat and having a shitty life quality or I can do the work to fix it. The work will be hard and it will be painful, but what choice do I have? The alternative is my current situation, which would only continue getting worse as time goes on, no thanks.”

John is taking full responsibility for his body and his state of mind. He is not being a whiny little bitch, he doesn’t blame anybody but himself. He simple says “well this is how it is” and acts from there.

Yes, he does feel shit when he stands in front of the mirror and looks at his man tits while saying “this body is completely and 100% a result of my own actions and my own thinking”, but he knows that to accept any other reality is delusional and counter-productive. Excuses don’t change the fact he is fat, nor will sugar-coating by his parents or friends.

Reality is what it is, regardless of the emotions.


Day 1

John and James sign up at their local gym, it’s a 24 hour gym so they can train whenever they feel like it without worrying about gym hours.

Once they’ve signed up, John starts walking around and starts getting used to the equipment despite being in his work clothes.

James however, says “I can’t train in these clothes” and says he’ll start tomorrow instead.

He drives home, going through the McDonalds drive thru (telling himself that he will have “one last good meal before I start this fitness thing”) and watches TV while browsing Facebook for four hours before going to bed.


Day 2

The next day James is planning to go to the gym straight from work. However James’ boss asks him to work an hour later than normal, he agrees.

When he is finished at work, he goes home to get some food “I need some food for energy” he tells himself and sits on the couch and starts watching TV.

He allows himself to take the excuses his brain gives him seriously, and ends up not going at all:

  • “I’m too tired now” – his mind says, after polishing off his second serving of Spaghetti Bolognese and garlic bread.
  • “I’ve heard that its actually bad for your body to train when you are tired, going to the gym now will be worse for me than not going” – he conveniently believes.
  • “I have been on my feet all day at work, so that counts as my exercise for today. Tomorrow I will start for sure.” – He tells himself when he realizes that Big Brother is on, not wanting to admit to  himself that he just wants to derp out in front of the TV.


John however, got up two hours earlier than normal and did some research on basic training programs and dieting before heading to work.

He knows that he needs a plan to follow in order to achieve success, he needs something to guide him in the beginning so he doesn’t feel overwhelmed.

He found a program that fits his lifestyle, and watching some videos on how to maintain proper form with dead lifts, squats and bench press.

Even though it was a Thursday, John decided to start the program right away, despite noticing that a lot of people on the internet forums often rationalized that they need to start a program at the beginning of the week.

After work was done, he went straight to the gym, started out really light and focused on learning how to do deadlifts while keeping his back straight and form good.

He then continued to do other light exercises around the gym, getting his muscles used to the pressure.

“This isn’t actually too bad” – he thinks to himself as he walks out, getting a taste of an exercise high.

Day 3

It’s Friday afternoon and James has 30 minutes left at work, he packed his gym gear and has planned to meet John at the gym at 5:15, as soon as he finishes work.

At 5pm, both James and John get a message from their buddy saying:

“Drinks at mine tonight for my birthday, come around at 5:30, let’s get fucked up boys!”

John, ignoring his mates text arrives at the gym at 5:15 as planned, he will respond when he is finished at the gym, to which he will say that he will come around and hang out but won’t drink any alcohol. He wants to start building some momentum.

James however, tells himself that it would be rude and selfish to not drink with his friend on his birthday (another rationalization for him simply not wanting to go).

He messages John and says that he will give the gym a miss for today. “I’ll start on Monday, fresh at the start of the week” he tells himself as he joins the cue at the booze shop, cradling a slab of Jim Beam cans. “It’s Friday night anyway, my work is done for the week”.


John is relatively unfazed by James bailing on him last minute, his mind is already on the task at hand. Today he is going to learn how to do squats with proper form. He starts out light and concentrates on his form the whole time, he films himself on his phone and compares his technique to the tutorials he watched earlier, making corrections with each set.

He gets talking to a regular at the gym, who agrees to help him out and gives him some tips, both on form and some useful resources to check out for dieting and training.

John trains for an hour and decides to quickly check out the resources the guy from the gym recommended before he heads over to his mates house for his birthday.

He ends up spending two hours on more research, completely taken aback when he looks at the time. “Fuck, have I been reading for that long?” – he says, continuing to open more articles.

He learns about Ketogenic dieting and how effective it is for weight loss and overall health in general. Waking up to the fact that a low-fat, high carb diet is highly ineffective for weight loss and general wellbeing.

He invests a small amount of money in a diet manual that lays out a complete, 7 day structure to follow, with allowances for “cheating” at specific time periods that enhance his training.


It’s 9pm by the time John rocks up at his mates house for his birthday. He is eager to tell James about the ketogenic diet he is going to start and what he has been doing in the gym over the past few days.

When John arrives, James is already 12 cans down and is trying to stand still for long enough to send a text. “Hang on mate, I’m gettin’ some pussy”, he slurs at John.

James tries to talk to him about his training and dieting, but James couldn’t give two shits about what John has to say. He spends the next 30 minutes trying to convince John to get drunk with them.

“No, I’m going to train tomorrow morning” John says in a flat tone. James calls him a faggot and puts down another can of Jim Beam through a beer bong. Then gets mad because, in his words, “this slut hasn’t fucking replied yet!”.

John wishes his drunken friend a happy birthday and returns home before 11pm. He goes online and orders himself some low-carb protein powder with the money he would have usually already spent on alcohol, and goes to bed going over his plan of attack in the gym the next day in his mind, turning his phone off after his friends incessant text messages and calls trying to convince him to “stop being a faggot” and come get drunk.

That’s it for the first installment of this series…

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