My Big Dumb eBay Failure

Here’s a story I’m definitely not proud of…

Back when I was 18 years old and phresh out of high school.

I managed to get myself (stupidly) scammed out of a decent amount of cash online.

Long story short, I found some cheap seller of Apple products on eBay.

Macbooks and iPhones if my memory serves me correctly.

Waaaayyy below retail price.

“Fuck yeah I though, I’ll buy a couple of these and sell ‘em again, that’ll be some nice cash”


I thought I was getting a sweet deal.

Anyway I got caught up in the excitement of how easy I could make some quick cash, and I ended up sending over a few thousand dollars to some anonymous stranger in the UK.

Not my finest moment, that’s for fucking sure…

Anyway, that one stung young and naïve Ryan.

Ooh yeah.

But looking back on that experience, I’m almost grateful it happened. (I say almost because I definitely wouldn’t be against giving 18 year old Ryan a nice big slap if I could.)

Yeah it sucked.

But it did teach me a few of valuable lessons.

And besides, I’d hate to think where I would be today if I didn’t have the ballz to say “fuck it” and be willing to take a risk every so often.

I mean looking back over the years that have passed since then, whatever success I’ve achieved has always been because I was on the lookout for opportunity…

And willing to take a risk if it the situation demanded it.

I don’t just sit around, meekly resigning to a fear of failure…

Living as a slave to the thoughts that say “what if it doesn’t work?”

Now, that wasn’t the last time I’ve pissed away cash on some stupid scheme that seemed awesome at the time.

But the thing is, even though there’s stack more decisions and risks I’ve taken that won’t be making the Ryan Kuchel highlight reel…

Despite the fuck ups and failures, I’ve always been in the ring.

Yeah I got the shit kicked out of me on that occasion, to the tune around $3K if I remember correctly.

Which was a fuck ton for me at the time, being 18 years old and having earned it all working at the local Kmart.

But I took the hit, sucked in a few deep ones and came back swingin’.

Point is, if you’re not in the ring, don’t expect anything to change.

Yeah, you’ll probably cop a few out of nowhere, but it’s a lot better than sitting in the stands.

Start squaring up to fear, get moving.

Expect to take a few hits.

They’ll hurt, but you’re not gonna die.

Just promise yourself that each time you get knocked down, you’ll get back up and go another round.

Surprise the spectators with just how stubborn you can be…

With how many punches you can take, and still manage to find your feet, with a stupid grin on your face ready to go again.

What you’ll find is that after a few decent hits, you’ll start landing a few of your own.

And when you do, things can become pret-ty awesome fairly quickly.

All the best,


Ryan “Young and Dumb” Kuchel

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