Music That Will Get You Fired Up

Just got back from the gym, feeling just average tonight.

But, as I’ve said before in one way of another… consistency beats perfection.

Fuck feeling good before you get moving…

Just get going, regardless of how you feel to start with.

And if you do get lucky and find yourself in thee zone, well then make the most of it my friend because I can guarantee the going won’t always be so peachy


I have this playlist of songs that I often listen to, when I’m in need of some instant energy and some quick mo-tee-vay-shun.

It’s essentially a playlist of my favorite “heavy” songs that ALSO contain a positive, motivational message (not unlike the words you read from myself)…

The playlist is (creatively) titled “Positive Heavies”…

As I was in the gym enjoying the fuck out of this playlist again tonight, I thought:

“Why don’t I share this with my subscribers?”

So here I am coming at ya with a playlist full of drop-tuned, motivational awesomeness.

Note: To those of you who don’t dig the whole ‘screamo’ vocal style (as much as I hate to use that word to categorize it), this ain’t for you, you’d be best to keep movin’…

Anyway, it’s a Spotify playlist so you can access it without hassle and for free…

Click here to listen to the playlist.

I’m always adding to it when I find some new tracks that have some uplifting, yet heavy vibez too.



Ryan “Positive Heavies” Kuchel


If you dig any of the tunes here, let me know.

Or if you have any songs you think should be on there, throw me a suggestion (hit up the contact page)…

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T - September 5, 2017 Reply

Great playlist man couldn’t do shit without music!

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