Lessons Learned Dropping 10kgs Of Fat In 3 Months

So I’m feeling pretttty bloody stoked today…

I stepped on the scaled today to see that and I have officially dropped 10kgs in just under 3 months (22 lbs for you imperial folks)… Going from 90kgs to 80 kgs since December 26, 2015.

Fuck yeah…

I used a different approach to fat loss this time compared to what I usually do (http://aggressiveketo.com), as I have brought carbs back into my life and have adopted an IIFYM (calorie counting) approach to leaning out (also utilizing Intermittent Fasting).

I’ll tell you why I stopped eating Keto sometime soon, but today I’m going to share a few lessons I’ve learned from using this approach to dieting:

  1. Fat Loss is bullshit simple, as long as…

You have two things present, you WILL drop fat:

  1. A consistent, caloric deficit i.e. you’re eating less than you’re burning
  2. Overall hormonal health – your body has the vitamins/minerals it needs to do it’s thing and isn’t constantly stressed from eating shittt
  1. You CAN get super lean without eating clean – but you’ll feel like shit

Yes you can drop body fat eating low quality foods everyday (as long as you hit a caloric deficit)…

But when it comes to your clarity/quality of thought, degree of emotional stability and your overall feeling of well being, you are waaaaayy better off eating foods that your body likes.

This lesson was hammered home just yesterday after I spent a lot of my calories over the weekend eating (low quality) pizza, ice cream and drinking a few ciders… and (surprise, surprise) I woke up sick and unable to do anything besides eat and sleep all day (I can’t remember the last time I got so sick that staying in bed all day was even an option, but yesterday it was a necessity)

But yes, you can get lean to the point of abs without going super clean, but you’re most likely gonna feel like shit if you do so.

  1. Tracking calories makes weight loss SOOO EASY

Having an objective measurement of the amount of calories you’re burnin’ and how much you’re taking in, makes leaning out sooooo simple…

When you realize how brain-dead simple weight loss is, it’s becomes absurd to think of how the diet industry is still making so much money selling all those fat burners, diet pills and MLM “Magic Solutions” that random acquaintances on Facebook pop out of the woodwork to sell you.

But I suppose tracking what you eat and how much you move is still waaay to much work for most folks who want all that fat gone yesterday without any work.

Lol, I digress….

For those of you interested, I currently use a Fitbit Surge to track my movement and calories burned, and the My Fitness Pal app (free version) to track my food intake.

Anywayz, if you wanna learn more about what I’ve been doing to get lean as of now, I’ve following Greg O’Gallaghers Aggressive Fat Loss protocol (which I found to be a refreshing change to my former Keto/powerlifting approach to dieting).

With this style I’m feeling a lot less taxed from training and am still dropping weight easily and consistently, I mean, 10kgs in 3 months aint toooo bad IMO.

Here’s the program I used:


I also recommend taking a look at his Youtube channel too:


(Think what you want about that vid, the guy’s approach works)

I enjoyed riffing about dieting again today, I reckon I’ll keep going a few more days probably.

Stay chooned for more to come in the next few days…

All the best,


Ryan “10kgs Down Since Christmas” Kuchel


For those of you who have been following me for a while, you’ll know that I am a big advocate of Ketogenic dieting as an approach to weight loss and muscle growth.

Tomorrow I’ll tell you why I stopped eating Keto this year and my current thoughts on low-carb, high fat dieting…

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