Ketogenic Dieting or IIFYM?

So yesterday I was telling you about a few of the things I learned while dropping 10kgs of body fat in the past 3 months by using an “If It Fits Your Macros” style (calorie counting) approach to dieting…

For those of you who have been following me for a while, you’ll know that I’m a big advocate of Ketogenic (low carb-high fat) dieting, I’ve even got a small website dedicated all of my Keto knowledge.

I was on a CKD (Cyclical Keto diet) for a solid 3 years until I decided that it was a time for a change…

And today I wanna talk a little about why I stopped eating a Keto style diet after so long, and brought carbs back into my life for more than a weekly refeed window…


Among many, the number one reason I decided to do this was I simply wanted more freedom of choice with what I ate.

While on Keto, if I was ever eating out, it was often a he-yewge pain in the ass to try and find something that was low carb, tastes okay, not too pricey AND leaves you feeling satisfied…

I mean, with the tagline for my website being “build a life of your choosing”, I thought it was hardly appropriate that I lived a life of such strict dietary confinement.

There are a few more reasons that I based my decision on, but in the end I just decided I’d figure out how to make the carbs work for me.

I soon discovered that it’s a few certain types of carb rich foods (mostly those high in gluten) that leave me stewing in a sea of brain fog and lethargy…

AND that as long as I maintain my caloric deficit, I’m still gonna be dropping fat despite the more frequent presence of insulin.

But, enough about ‘yours truly’… what’s important here is how this applies to those of YOU looking to lose weight, is one approach better than the other?

Welllll, what I will say is this:

Both approaches do work, it’s simply a matter of which one suits your lifestyle better, what your body RESPONDS t, AND what your current condition is…

If you’re overweight by a significant amount, I suggest Keto simply because restricting carbs for an extended period of time will allow your insulin response and general hormonal health to recover and get back to normal.

Plus, developing some discipline and learning to overcome craving for shitty foods will do you a world of good…

I mean, I’m not bingeing on Poptarts and Mcdonalds every day, I still maintain dietary integrity throughout the week (green smoothies most dayz), and treat a few meals on the weekends as my “cheat period” when I can eat something purely because it tastes awesome…

So yeah, discipline isn’t a problem for me.

HOWEVER, if you’re around 12 – 15% body fat, the key to dropping those last few digits is simply consistency over a decent amount of time eating at a deficit.

And do you think enjoying what you eat helps you to maintain consistency?

Bloody oath it does, mayte.

From my personal experience, your stress levels play a massive part in being able to get lean enough to bring those abs out…

As I said yesterday, hormonal integrity is crucial to drop fat consistency, and if you’re in a stew of cortisol on an ongoing basis from eating a diet that gives you the shits… well, I’m gonna bet you’re going to see less results over the long term than the guy who’s diet still hits the mark, but is simply enjoyable enough to not be a problem.

I didn’t particularly hate eating low-carb anyway, I mean after a couple of weeks I adjust to eating anything, I’m have a healthy detachment from any kinds of food, going without just doesn’t phase me that much as long as I’m satisfied…

But I’ve found this new approach to be a lot more convenient to follow AND is very enjoyable on a day-to-day basis.

Plus, I do intermittent fasting, and get the bulk of my work done while in a fasted state, so mental focus is sky high too.

Essentially, the approach I use now gives me the best of both worlds.

Mental focus, consistent fat loss and the freedom to enjoy food a bit more and eat a steak WITH some potatoes if I so happen to feel like it…

Will I ever go back to Keto again?

Perhaps, when I want that extra mental focus all day, but not anytime soon.

As I mentioned above, it has it’s place…

But for now, it’s all about the Kinobody approach to “Aggressive Fat Loss”.

All the best,


Ryan “IIFYM” Kuchel

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