How To Tell If You’re For Real About Success…

Most people will say they want more from life…

They’ve got a goal they’ve vaguely decided they’re going to pursue, and often spend more time telling others about it, or researching how to do it than they spend actually taking action and moving towards making it a reality.

Or they let momentary distractions take up all their focus…

Social media.


Some minor issue or another that won’t be remembered a month from now.

Essentially, they’ll take any excuse to feel incapacitated… so that in their mind, they can excuse themselves from doing the grunt-work their goals requires.

A few years ago I was the same…

I wanted to make money online. I wanted to travel the world and do shit my way.

But, at the end of the day, after all the planning, reading, researching…

I didn’t really get that much done.

I’d get a message from my friends, asking me to come hang out.

“I’ll just go hang tonight, I still want to enjoy life right?”

That was my excuse…

Honestly I was just happy for a reason not to sit down to and do whatever it was that I was putting off…

A lot of time passed, and not much progress was made.

The intention was there, but my actions reflected different priorities…

Now, skip forward to today, I have messages that I’m yet to respond to that have been in my inbox for days…

… and those that I do get to, often receive a blunt, “no mucking around” reply.

Various “odd jobs” to take care of like display issues on websites or random website issues that need to be fixed.

But what I have done, is I’ve barely wasted any time over the entire day.

Everything I’ve done has been for the sole purpose of moving me towards my goals as quickly as possible… I’ve been in the trenches, carrying out the grunt-work.

And I’ll be there again tomorrow, and the next day…

No tolerance for anything otherwise.


Now, taking massive action is something that can be jarring to get used to.

It does take a lot of energy sure…

But you get used to it soon enough, and then hustle becomes enjoyable.

Making progress gives life color, you realize how long you’ve been asleep…

You realize that spending any more time than necessary relaxing or “taking it easy”, is boring. It sucks.

I have all this opportunity in front of me, seizing it piece by piece is what’s fun, not sitting around wasting my energy on things that aren’t related to my goals.

No thanks.

Get moving, you’ll start to find pleasure in the hustle, in the pain of hard work…

A pleasure that is much more satisfying (and longer lasting) than external stimulation and escapism, a joy that bleeds into everything else in your life.

Don’t know where to start?

Go here, it’s where I started.

And it changed my life.

All the best,


Ryan “Focused At All Costs” Kuchel

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