How To Start Building Your Morning Routine – Part 2

So following on from yesterday today is going to be the second part to getting the foundations right for your morning routine…

So far I’ve already mentioned:

  1. State your intent for the day – with affirmations and/or things to achieve for the day.
  1. Read some form of wisdom – To get yourself grounded and not taking things all too seriously.
  1. Loosen up – Some form of stretching works wonders for energy levels throughout the day…

Now for today, here’s the next 3 aspects of a morning routine that I consider to be essential to having a ripper of a morning:


  1. Clear your head

Meditation is extremely powerful for getting your head in the right place at the beginning of the day.

It may sounds/look dumb. But if you’ve never dunnit before, just give it a go, it fuckin’ works…

I did link this the other day, but for those of you new to meditation and aren’t really into the whole religious/spiritual side of it, check out this vid for a beginner friendly, practical approach:


But, I understand that sitting on your ass doing nothing to a timer isn’t really everyone’s thing, something such as going for a walk in nature is also a really good way to get your head in the right place and calm down all those overactive thoughts that are just starting to wake up and get you distracted and whiny…


  1. Get Uncomfortable – Cold Showers

Morning showers are to be short, sharp and require no hot water whatsoever.

This’ll wake you up and will have you feelin’ phresh in just a couple of minutes. Also, the harshness of it puts and end to whiny behavior/thoughts too. Basically it’s a quick and easy way to toughen yourself up a little.


  1. Take Care of Health Requirements

If you have any supplements to take, get ‘em down in the morning. Try to take care of all the little essential things that you’re prone to forget such as this in the morning. That way you’ll have a mono-focus on getting shit done for the rest of the day, without the need to mentally remind yourself to do this or take that.

I guess that’s it for the basics…

Take what I’ve given you so far and run with it, feel free to change things up a bit ‘til you find what works best for you.

Tomorrow I’ll be discussing some of the mistakes I’ve made in the past that will most likely put you up shits creek for the rest of the day…

Until then,


Ryan “Get It Dun” Kuchel


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