How To Start Building Your Morning Routine – Part 1

I sit down at my desk this morning, ready to make today’s work my bitch…

I’m feeling calm, present and focused.

Energized and motivated, yet relaxed at the same time.

Ooft, I’m feeling gooood.

Fuck yeah…

Perfect way to start the day.

Good Ryan.

As I mentioned yesterday, today is allll about the morning routine (and the next few days too).

This is something I’ve personally been consciously tweaking and experimenting with for the better part of 3 years now to get dialed in.

And right now it is definitely feeling nice n’ tweaked for sure.

Now I’m gonna approach this with the general framework to start with (that’ll be today and tomorrow).

I’ll give you some aspects of a morning routine that I’ve found to be pretty bloody critical if you want to start your day off like a champ.

This will form the foundation of your morning routine, it’s up to you to pick and choose from this foundation where to start (we’re all different here folks, you need to find your sweet spot).

And then after that I’ll give you some o’ the things that I’ve found that cause more trouble than they’re worth.

Basically, the things that will make your day start off shitty.

Here we go:


  1. State Your Intent For The Day

Get yourself focused by stating your intent for the day. I do this in two ways:

  1. Hand write affirmations:

I write out a handful of one or two sentence phrases as soon as I wake (the best time to do it) for the purpose of programming my subconscious/unconscious behavior patterns (which is something I’m really big on, I yammer on about the subconscious a heap in my Wake Up bootcamp, with some lee-git ways to program it for effective behavior change).

But besides all the subconscious programming shiz, I just find it really beneficial acting as a constant reminder for things to be aware of and conscious of as I go about my day.

Some examples of things I’d write:

I’d rather be cheerful and have a laugh than be serious and stifled.”

“I am aware of my emotions at all times throughout the day”

Note: These are supposed to be the things you’re looking to improve and bring to the forefront of your attention. NOT things you already do etc.

  1. Write down what I intent to accomplish for the day:

This comes at the end of my morning routine, as I sit down to start work.

Basically I’ll write down a list of things I intend to accomplish for the day, helps put your focus in the right direction and a tangible way to give yourself some accountability lest you decide to goof off and discover just how weird the internet can get…

  1. Wisdom

I spend 30 minutes reading/listening to some teachings that are intended to improve your character and/or give you some perspective on the big picture.

My go-to is the Stoic philosophy chaps (Seneca, Marcus Aurelius, Epictetus) and Eckhart Tolle.

  1. Loosen up

Not gonna lie, stretching and mobility work is one of my least favorite things to do.

If I don’t get it dun early, I put it off more and more until I forget about it until I’m conveniently in bed with the lights out.

But as I mentioned yesterday, if I don’t take the time to loosen myself up, fatigue and aching is sure to follow very soon.

I have a series of stretches that I do that help to loosen up my hips and lower back.

This probably sounds dumb, but the amount of energy I’ve found this sequence of stretches/exercises to give you is unreal (especially if you spend many hours a day sitting like yours truly).

Anywayz I’ll keep going with this list tomorrow for the sake of brevity.

Until then,


Ryan “Startin’ Strong” Kuchel



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