How To Make Money Online in 2016 – Part 4: Affiliate Marketing


Today I’m going to finish of this short “Make Money Online series” that I’ve feeding you legends with over the past week.

(If you haven’t read parts 1, 2 and 3 yet. Click ‘um below.)

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Today I’m going to explain the method of making income online I’m looking to get into in the near future, with long term plans of growing this over the next few years to come.

(I say in the near future because I’m just starting some freelance copywriting/marketing work, so that’s priority right now).

What I’m talking about is affiliate marketing.

Which is a very broad term in itself…

But essentially, the basis of affiliate marketing is promoting other people’s products and getting a commission when they buy.

Usually around 50% – 75% commission for most digital products.

For example, a very basic model would be to head over to ClickBank, choose a product to promote from the marketplace, and then drive traffic to and market what is called your “hoplink” to a relevant audience.

If they buy through your link, you get a % of the sale.

Make sense?

Now, there are tons of ways of going about this, and a lot of newbie “wanna-make-money-online-ers” choose this route because is seems very simple and straight-forward, and end up just spamming their links anywhere and everywhere…

Only to end up disheartened when they realize that just putting any old product in front of lots of eyeballs doesn’t result in sales (wouldn’t of thought, eh?).


It ain’t that simple my friend.

To do it properly, it’s about getting pretty darn good at marketing fundamentals.

That is, understanding your customer and knowing how to relate to them, and (important!) developing a relationship with them where they trust you enough to take your recommendations seriously.

Dunt sound as sexy now, eh?

Which is why I dig it, because I know I’m willing to do the weeks/months of grunt work that most of the opportunistic cash seekers would turn their impatient little noses up at.

Fuck yeh.

Anywayz, this is going to be my ultimate plan going forward: to develop small (profitable) affiliate funnels that are automated and optimized (once they’re setup properly), and all I need to do is send (read:buy) traffic to them.

Then scale, scale, scale.

Another reason I personally dig this model is because it’s primarily based on principles that never change.

Traffic tactics and Wild West-esque opportunities come and go… But learning to develop and audience and sell them a solution to their problem?

That’s an invaluable skill right their my friend.

Among a variety of sources, I’m primarily going to be following Andre Chaperons TLB training (which is currently closed, but is legit for learning to do this well).

BUT, if you want to learn more about this style of marketing, I recommend you check out these (free) resources of his:

The guy’s a (quiet, yet powerful) marketing wizard. If this stuff interests you I recommend you go through as much of his stuff as you can.

The dude knows his shit…

That’s it for this week.

It’s Friday night, so I’m off to the gym and then I’m going to devour a burrito with double chicken.


All the best,


Ryan “Now Go Make Money” Kuchel



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