How To Eliminate Negative Thoughts & Emotions

Today I wanna riff about shitty thoughts and how to deal with them…

First off, I’ll start by saying that a negative thought is any thought that you have that produces an undesirable/damaging emotional response inside your body.

For example; stress, anxiety, unease, anger, frustration, depression, fear, guilt, regret.

Essentially, any thought that becomes a problem for you, and typically takes you out of the present moment.

Now, despite the various forms and emotional responses that shitty thoughts can produce, dealing with each of them requires the same, simple process to overcome them…

It’s all about seeing the thought for what it is, and not believing that your solution rests “out there” in the external world… (which is what your thoughts would have you believe).

This is something I have been aware of a lot, and am noticing that the more I do this, the more that living in a state of peace throughout my day is becoming more and more internalized and normal… as opposed to states of stress, anxiety, anger and unease.

Righto, so let’s get it dun…

How to Eliminate Negative Thoughts & Emotions In 4 Simple Steps:

Step 1: Be aware of it as a thought and DON’T take it personally.

Easier said than done yes, but essentially you want to get to a place where you are aware that the thought is there, and simply watch it with the indifference you would have watching the weather.

In the same way your heart pumps blood, your mind thinks thoughts.

When you realize it’s not YOU producing the thoughts, you can decide whether you want to take that thought seriously or not.

Say to yourself: “This is the thought my mind is producing…”

Step 2: Keep your awareness on the thought, without trying to “DO” anything about it.

Just notice the thought is there, and don’t judge it by saying things like:

“I shouldn’t be thinking this, this is a dumb thought”.

Don’t try to do anything about it at all.

It is what it is, just continue watch it and accept that it’s there and that’s absolutely FINE.

Don’t resist it.

Step 3: Bring that same awareness, void of judgement to your emotions.

The same as you did with the thought, simply put your attention on the emotion you feel inside your body.

Again, don’t try to do anything about it, don’t tell yourself it’s bad. Just LET IT BE there and notice it being there.

Step 4: Watch the thought and emotion dissolve.

How do you clear muddy water?

By trying as hard as you can to push all the mud to the bottom?

Trying to “smooth” the water with your hands?

That’d be dumb right?

Rather, would you simply leave the water alone until the water became still and the mud fell to the bottom?


It’s the same with your thoughts and emotions.

By simply watching them, without trying to do anything, shitty thoughts and emotions dissolve by themselves.

By trying to “get rid of them” and resisting them, you’re giving them energy, you make them STRONGER (you’re stirring up the mud even more).

Try it, just for a minute, do nothing other than become fully aware of what’s happening inside you.

Then see what happens your thoughts and emotions.

All the best,


Ryan “Self Aware” Kuchel

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