How To Develop Your Unique “Voice”

Today, lez talk about writing, and how to develop your own “voice”.

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I got another question from the same reader as yesterday, he wants to know:

“My problem is I don’t have ‘a voice’ like you, Victor Pride or some of my other favorite writers. My life and experiences would not make for interesting reading and I don’t want to have a copycat site. There are a lot of guys trying to be V. Pride and it is obvious. That’s why I like your site. It is unique.”

I get what you’re saying, and to be honest when I started writing my content was very Victor Pride-esque, simply because at the time I read a LOT of his content, so it naturally came into the way I wrote at the time.

What I’m gonna say is you don’t start with a 100% unique and developed voice, it just kinda happens as you go.

But there are some tips I can give you to get started:

  1. Write Like You Talk.

The main reason what I write is “unique” is because I just write like I talk, I include a lot of Aussie slang, and I try to keep things as brief and “easy to chew on” as possible.

I have my influences of course, but I “clothe” my writing style with my natural speech style, which is what gives it the unique vibez…

  1. Be As Personal And Relatable As Possible

This is just my style, but (especially lately) I try to come across as relatable, and as human as possible…

Like, I’m not trying to put on a front or pretend to be anything I’m not.

It’s just me yammering on about what’s on my mind and my experiences.

Pretty much ties into what I said above, but just write like you would ACTUALLY talk to someone, the only difference is you’re putting it into words.

  1. Study Writers You Wish To Emulate

A lot of the best pro copywriters recommend handwriting out the best sales letters and ads, word for word… and that anyone wanting to get good at writing should do the same thing…

The reason for this is that it embeds the flow of the writing into your subconscious, and comes out in your written work.

I’ve been doing this for the past couple of months, and have noticed my writing to flow waaay better in the moment, and has improved a LOT (in my personal opinion).

So, if you like someone’s writing style and wish to capture their style, spend some time copying it out in your own handwriting.

Seems fruitless in the moment, but over time this has he-yuuwge benefits.


  1. Don’t Wait For Interesting Stories, Make Your Stories Interesting

“My life and experiences would not make for interesting reading”.

The problem isn’t your experiences my friend, it’s the way you’re looking at them.

There’s an art to it, but try to be on the look out for ANY kind of story at all throughout the day.

Anything at all that was unique to that day.

It’s not about being lucky enough to have an abundance of interesting events happen to you…

It’s about actually paying attention to something that could be worth telling, and then being able relate it back to your message/something relevant…

I consider my day-to-day reasonably uninteresting for the most part, I do a lot of repetitive things day-in, and day-out… It’s not until I scratch the surface that I start to see stories and opportunities amidst the “uneventful” days.

There’s always a story, it’s up to you to bring it out.


Lastly I will say this: don’t wait for it to be perfect before you get going.

If you want to have a voice and start to build an audience… just start writing and learn to enjoy the process.

Yes, there ARE lot’s of copycats of V Pride, but it’s better than NOT writing at all.

You’ll develop and find your own style as you go.

All the best,


Ryan “Just Write, Mate” Kuchel

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