How To Break Shitty Habits Once And For All

Today I want to talk to you about bad habits and what it takes to break them for good… something that is essential if you want to earn your freedom and start living life on your own terms.

A few days ago, I sent out a email asking for your top questions when it comes to breaking bad habits, as I’m gearing up to open up a live, in-depth online training on the subject and I wanted to make sure I covered all bases before opening up registration for the training.

As someone who has spent the last few years ruthlessly eliminating all of the destructive and damaging habits/addictions from my life, I can definitely relate to the questions that got sent in.

I was actually pretty blown away by all the responses I got back, and today I want to address some of those questions I received back and go a bit deeper on what it takes to break shitty habits once and for all…

Q. Does your system also include a method or a technique that allows to mostly focus on the present but also not neglect the future?

Yes, the way the system works is I will show you exactly how to train your subconscious mind to automatically move away from bad habits in the moment as the urge arises. Once you decide on the future you want to move towards, your focus then becomes on dealing with the present, one moment at a time.

Q. How do you deal with anxiety as you get started, is there like a catch phrase or a mantra that you use in order to make the leap of faith and take action?

A. The reason you’re experiencing this anxiety is because you’re viewing the elimination of the habit as one big task over a certain period of time (your stuck in the future), which is way too much for your mind to deal with without getting overwhelmed which results in the anxiety.

The key to reversing this anxiety is by allowing yourself to feel successful if you’re taking the right action now, in this moment.

As for the mantra, there’s a quote by Tony Robbins that really helped me in the beginning:

“When you feel overwhelmed, just take the one next step”

Fuck the next month, fuck tomorrow even, just for now do what is right.

(Check out a movie called The Peaceful Warrior, some great teachings in there on this exact mindset)

Q. How do you deal with lows? Because we all know that they are coming one way or another.

Stop viewing them as “lows”.

This is victim based thinking and just makes things harder for yourself.

If you’re faced with adversity or increased difficulty, view it as a good thing, because you can use it as fuel to make yourself stronger. The result of overcoming the bigger challenge is that it makes you a stronger person.

Lean into adversity and pain, welcome the lows as much as the highs, make use of everything that comes your way.

Here’s a quote from the Stoic philosopher Epictetus on this exact sentiment:

“For God’s Sake, stop honoring externals, quit turning yourself into the tool of mere matter, or of people who can supply you or deny you those material things.
So it is possible to benefit from these circumstances?
Yes, from every circumstance, even abuse and slander. A boxer derives the greatest advantage from his sparring partner – and my accuser is my sparring partner. He trains me in patience, civility and even temper.”

So if you’re suffering hard, and you really want to give in to the desire to relapse, then know that this is exactly where self-control is built, when it’s the hardest.

Q. How long does it take to instill a good workout habit?

Between 30 to 60 days of consistency, after then the resistance to working out fades away and you get addicted to the exercise high/benefits of working out rather than the negatives…

Q. How to resist temptation on a daily basis…it is not easy and I cave after about a week or so.

The reason you’re caving is because you’re trying to rely on willpower alone, and all of us only have so much willpower in a day, eventually it’ll deplete and you’ll give in to temptation.

I named the upcoming training “Disciplined Without Willpower” for this exact reason, I’m going to be teaching you how to program your subconscious mind (which is extremely powerful compared to your finite amount of willpower) to automatically move away from these bad habits, willpower is only used to do the programming, which takes a relatively small amount compared to trying to use willpower all day, every day.

Q. Do you need a compelling enough goal to eliminate bullshit habits?

It does help, but you don’t need it.

A bigger motivator of human behavior is the need to avoid pain, so once you get really clear on the pain you’re creating for yourself, you will naturally start to move away from this, but only IF you focus on this and not the immediate pleasure of the habit itself.

This is exactly what I will be teaching you in the training, I will show you my 4 steps to programming your mind to automatically focus on the pain of relapse, and ignore the pleasure of the moment so you naturally move away from the habit.

Q. How do I stop bad habits even when I have low willpower?

Again, it’s your dependence on willpower that’s the problem. Once you’ve trained you’re sub conscious to automatically move away from bad habits, you don’t use willpower.

I’m going to show you exactly how you eliminate the need for this ”repetitive willpower” every day.

Q. There are so many habits I need to change, what are the “force multiplier” habits, the 20% that will give me the 80% reward and make everything else easier?

Awesome question, here’s my top 3:

1. Junk food addiction

2. Masturbation/porn addiction

3. Social media/smartphone addiction

By eliminating just these three habits your energy, happiness, sense of pride and ability to focus will skyrocket in just a few weeks.

Q. If I have never been able to consciously change anything about myself, how do I build that belief system so I actually believe that I can change my habits in the first place?

Know that you’re psychology is exactly the same as the rest of us, we’re all cut from the same cloth. If you learn how to effectively tap your psychology in the right direction like I’m going to show you, your self belief will come naturally as you go along.

“Do the thing and you’ll have the power” as Ralph Waldo Emerson says. You don’t start with self belief, you build it as you go.

Q. Where do the bad habits come from?

There are a variety of factors that cause bad, negative habits, but here’s some of three of the most common:

1. Escapism – Looking for distractions to help forget about some unpleasant area of your life.

2. Social Conditioning – Often bad habits are built simply by being around other people who had them (for example children with a junk food addiction learned it from their parents who have the same addiction)

3. Procrastination/Avoidance – Trying to avoid or distract yourself from an uncomfortable/unenjoyable task that needs doing.

Q. What can I do to help myself and others with their bad habits?

Focus on the stuff I’m teaching here, the psychology behind it all, rather than the surface emotions and desires of the habit itself.

Apply proven psychology to successfully break your own bad habits, then lead by example if you want to help others overcome their bad habits too.

Q. How to begin to start and what to do if you relapse?

Take it one moment at a time, just focus on doing the right thing now.

If you relapse, start again. You get unlimited restarts here, there’s no reason to give up.

Q. How do I overcome emotional eating?

Emotional eating is habit that mostly results from escapism. To overcome emotional eating you simply need to learn how to train your subconscious to automatically focus on the pain of indulgence rather than the pleasure, this is exactly what my 4 steps are designed to do.

Q. How do I getting past depression in order to get out of bed at the same time every morning and maintain a healthy workout schedule?

Instead of focusing on getting past feelings of depression, focus on what you want to be moving towards and away from.

First step is to get really clear on two things:

1. A specific vision of the life you’re moving towards.

2. What you’re life is going to be like if you continue to surrender to poor habits (like oversleeping).

Then it’s a matter of triggering these feelings when you wake up in the morning. For example, you could anchor them to your alarm tone, so when it goes off your mind automatically focuses on what you’re moving towards, and what you don’t want to end up like.

Q. How would you eliminate addictions like smoking and drinking?

Again, by training your mind to focus on the pain of indulgence before the act is carried out, rather than the pleasure (or unconsciousness) of following through with the act.

For example with smoking, you need to mentally anchor large amounts of emotional pain (what you’re life is going to be like if you follow through) to what I call an “essential prerequisite” – something that you do every time you smoke, before you actually light the cigarette. Things such as opening the packet of cigarettes, or holding the cigarette or packet in your hands etc. You need to train your sub conscious to automatically trigger these feelings of pain every time you do this “essential prerequisite”.

With drinking, you could anchor the pain to opening the fridge, cracking the can/bottle, even arriving at the booze shop/bar etc.

These habits do have more “pull” to them because there is an aspect of physiological addiction, but by getting really clear on the pain you will experience by carrying the habit through, then anchoring it (by using my 4 step process), you will be able to kick the habit.

Q. How do you totally defeat a habit that is so natural. Like bad posture?

The thing with something like posture is that it is so automatic that the biggest challenge is simply being self-aware throughout the day and catching yourself when you’re carrying yourself poorly.

You could do this by setting regular reminders on your phone – say every hour, have a notification that pops up and says “posture”, then notice your posture as you read it, try to work towards always having good posture as these reminders pop up.

Another method is to make it very uncomfortable to not sit/stand with bad posture…

I do this when I’m spending long periods of time sitting at my desk working by wearing my weight lifting belt as I sit, if I slouch even slightly the belt digs into my gut, which makes it extremely uncomfortable to sit any way besides up straight.

Another aspect to consider with this is that body language is often an indicator of a self esteem issue, some guys simply don’t feel entitled to stand up straight and proud. Try walking in public standing as tall and proud as possible, and see if you feel like an “impostor” in any way. If so, then there’s probably a deeper self confidence issue that you need to face.

If this is the case, then there is typically another area or areas of your life that need to be addressed, and the body language issue will commonly fix itself as your self esteem increases.

Q. How to break the cycle, especially with years of repeating the same bad habits?

It’s about rewiring your brain to move in the direction you want, a cycle is broken one moment at a time, until eventually it loses momentum and disappears. This is what I’ll show you how to do in detail with my 4 steps…

Q. How to get/keep motivated pulling out of this topless hole?

Stop viewing it as a “topless hole”, there’s a dark period to breaking any strong habit that required more energy, but once the habit is broken it’s allure fades more and more, until it fades completely and you just don’t think about it anymore.

Breaking a habit is a periodic task of rewiring your brain (90 days at the most for most habits), not a constant, daily battle of willpower that is never ending.

My job is to get you out of the “willpower battle” mindset and start looking at it with an effective strategy and the right perspective.

So if you’re struggling with bad habits that are having a major negative impact on your life, you absolutely NEED to gain a clear understanding of this psychology.

Even if you’ve been struggling all your life with shitty habits that have gotten the better of you over and over again, utilizing my 4 step system is exactly what you need to break these habits once and for all.

The reason you’ve struggled in the past is because you’ve had the strategy backwards, and I’m here to teach you how to train your mind so that behavior change becomes automatic, rather than fighting the same battle every day.

I probably don’t need to convince you at all of the importance of eliminating damaging habits from your life, and the massive increases in happiness, energy and self-esteem you will experience as soon as you cut the cord and your bad habits cease weighing down your life…

I know for a fact that I wouldn’t be anywhere close to where I am today if I didn’t figure out how to effectively eliminate all of my habits that were making me weak, ineffective and unhappy.

That is I would still be struggling to lose body fat and put on muscle…

I would be getting paid pennies to take orders in order to make enough cash to survive…

And I would have a very low sense of self worth and self esteem…

As someone who had achieved freedom in my life at a relatively young age, I absolutely hate to see guys resigning themselves to mediocrity and tolerating their own unhappiness and weaknesses, without even searching for a solution.

I know if I could go back a few years and teach this to the younger Ryan who was riddled with bad habits, then I would have gotten to where I am so much faster, and I want to do that for you guys too.

Which is why I’m giving this training…to help you live life on your own terms and shape your reality as quickly as possible.

And breaking bullshit habits is the first step on this journey…

The training is called “Disciplined Without Willpower”. It’s going to be a live, 90 minute interactive online training where I will be going deep into what it takes to break bad habits for good, the psychology involved in doing so and my 4 step process to easily apply it to any and all bad habits. Even ones you’ve been struggling with for years…

I will also be answering all your questions, live on the call as we go.

If you have struggled with breaking bad habits all your life, or struggle with finding the self confidence and the motivation to even get started, then this training is for you.

It’s about a new strategy, one that focuses on programming your subconscious to work for you not against you, it’s the (better) alternative to trying to muster up raw willpower again and again, like so many people spend their lives doing.

I’m really excited about this, and I’m going to be opening up registration very soon.

Now the deal is that I’m going to be limiting spots to a small number of people for this training, as I’m going to be answering questions live (it’s going to be very interactive), I want to make sure that everyone get’s all their questions answered LIVE during the training. So it’s going to be a very small, interactive group.

I also want to make sure that I only get those who are really serious and committed to breaking bad habits for good. To ensure that I only get the ones who are serious and committed, I am going to be charging a moderate fee for access to this live training.

I’ll be sending out an email by the end of the week to give you the details on the training and when the registration is open.

If you’re not already one of my email subscribers, simply enter your email address by clicking the link below to add yourself to the contact list for the Disciplined Without Willpower training.

Enter your email address below to get on the contact list for the Disciplined Without Willpower live training.

**UPDATE: Registration for the Disciplined Without Willpower training is now open:

CLICK HERE to learn more.

As I said I’m limiting the number of spots available for this training to make sure I can give everyone personal attention and answer all questions, so make sure you sign up for the email updates and keep an eye on your inbox over the next few days.

Remember, this training is about programming your brain to work for you, to automatically eliminate your bad habits for good without the need for constant willpower battles and relapses…

Apply my 4 step system (that I’m going to lay out for you in detail) to any and all of your shitty habits, and you’ll quickly notice your bad habits falling away swiftly as you feel more confident, happy, energetic and determined to take on the world.

I live a life of complete freedom, on my own terms. I used this system myself from successfully eliminating shitty habits that were holding me back from achieving my current life, and now I’m going to show you how to do the same…

There’s a lot of solid advice in this post, so make sure you take it and apply it, today.

If you want to be on the contact list (and you’re not already a subscriber) to join me in the Discipline Without Willpower Live Training, go ahead and enter your email address below.

All the best,

Ryan Kuchel

Enter your email address below to get on the contact list for the Disciplined Without Willpower live training.

**UPDATE: Registration for the Disciplined Without Willpower training is now open:

CLICK HERE to learn more.

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