How To ACTUALLY Achieve Your Goals

If you’ve ever decided to take upon a course of self improvement in any aspect of your life, you will know that when you begin informing others of your desire to improve yourself, they somehow feel qualified and obligated to give you their advice on the subject, even though 99% of the time they have absolutely no idea what they are talking about.

If you want to be successful and actually achieve your goals, the stupidest thing you can do is listen to what the average people around you say.

Want to try to achieve a BF of less than 8%?

Well the overweight sheep of society will tell you it’s about genetics, expensive supplements and equipment and whatever disadvantages they consider relevant.

They will tell you that your diet is unhealthy or wrong, or they will tell you it is too strict and you need to “live a little” when you reject their offer for a can of coke.

Average people take the advice from the average people around them.

Fuck that, not winners. We winners take exceptional care in selecting people to take advice from.

Winners find the person who has achieved what they are trying to achieve, and seek advice from only those people.

These people are the only ones you should ever take advice from – The people who have been where you are trying to go.

It doesn’t matter how good your mothers intentions are, unless she knows how to get jacked lifting heavy weights as a young male her opinion counts for naught on the subject of weight training and dieting, despite her good intentions.

Just because somebody has good intentions, it doesn’t mean that you should listen to them.

Don’t listen to your friends who say you’re working too hard and need to relax more, they are most likely the same ones that will continue to complain about having to go to work a shitty job they don’t like.

Ignore the opinions of the mediocre, or you will continue being mediocre.

You need to be aggressive.

You need to be positive.

You need to listen to people who are in a position you want to be in, ignore everyone else.


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Shah Molaei - October 7, 2014 Reply

Achieving your goals is simple. Most people are simply lazy or they lack any goals to begin with. Mediocrity has become the norm and social conditioning has people chasing the wrong things.

If you want success, make a plan and taking fucking action. If you are depressed, it means you’re not doing shit. Simple.

Consistency breeds success.

-Shah Molaei

P.S. Awesome blog Ryan. Keep up the great posts.

    Ryan Kuchel - October 7, 2014 Reply

    Exactly, depression is an indicator that there is something you need to be doing but aren’t, it’s not something to run away from or try to numb.

    Thanks brother,


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