Get Off Their Plan And Start Working Yours

Look around you…

Look at the way the masses are wasting away their lives…

They (barely) function, yet they’re unconscious.

Look into their eyes, they’re asleep, a slave to their own thoughts.

Optimistic youth slows but surely fades into a bleak blur of coping strategies, life becomes about avoiding pain and fear as much as possible…

Orders are followed, the status quo is adhered to…

Salaries and wages are paid, but for what?

So those same people can afford to continue living their bleak existence… their life that is about nothing more than getting by…

Yet, those of us who go against the norm are considered “outsiders”, we’re “weird” for not buying into the bullshit.

Slaving away for pennies?

“That’s just how you make money, work isn’t supposed to be fun” they say.

No thanks. I call bullshit, that’s not how I make money.

Being in years worth of debt for a big TV, a shiny car and a stack of nights spent in an intoxicated blur?

“You need to make the most of your life, you have to have fun while you can” they say.


And there’s nothing fun about pissing away your resources in order to cement your place in the shit.

If all that consumerism was ever going to make you happy, it would have by now.


There’s a script that’s drilled into most of us since childhood, you’ve probably hear it hundreds of times in one form or another, but it pretty much goes like this:

“Work all your life to make someone else rich, then spend what little money you have to buy shit in order to impress the other people you don’t like, and here, eat this big mac in order numb the pain (uhh yeah, sure I guess you could say it’s food) …”

The trade off is simplicity, and a false sense of security…

“Look, you don’t want to have to go to all the trouble of thinking for yourself right? Well then get on our plan, you’ll be just fine.”


If you’ve found your way to my site then I know you want something more.

Reject the script of slavery you’ve been force fed your entire life…

Your non-conformity will piss off most of ‘em, but it sure beats living as one of them…

You have your own eyes, your own mind. Use them.

Get off their plan, and start working yours.

Wake the fuck up.

You’re dying with each day that passes.

Don’t die as just another sheep.

Become the wolf, life’s a lot more fun that way…

All the best,


Ryan “Be The Wolf” Kuchel


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