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I want you to think about your biggest successes you’ve achieved so far in your life…

Whatever it was, I want you to try and remember the moment where you experienced your first ‘small win’

Maybe it was hitting new PR’s in the gym…

Or finally learning that song on the guitar…

Or stepping on the scales and seeing results…

Whatever it was, something “clicked”, and your whole mindset shifted:

“I get this now!” – you said to yourself…

The thing is, the “win” probably wasn’t even that big looking in from the outside, but it’s the “solving of the puzzle” that was important.

That’s the part you remember.

You now know what to do, you’re certain it will work, now it was just a matter of time before you put it into action…

I’ve had that moment multiple times in my life, but the most memorable one occurred just over a year ago, when I had my first “good day” online…

Where I made my first $30 in one day selling my books on Amazon.

Yup, 30 measly dollars.

But that $30 may as well have been $10,000, because that’s what it felt like on the inside.

I now knew exactly WHAT to do, now it was just a matter of building it up and out.

It was now a matter of time.

I had my plan:

Continue the hustle.

Make money.

Reinvest that money.


Fast forward to now, and I have a system that makes me $5-6K/month on autopilot.

All I do is check up on my VA (virtual assistant) a couple times a week, he’s got it all under control.

Expenses are paid, and my days are free to live them as I please…

Now I’m not saying this to brag, rather to illustrate the point that the first few miles take the most time, energy and resources, but then the success will start to compound on itself…

But that first ‘small win’ is where it becomes REAL.

I remember that day perfectly, I decided to go for a walk around the neighborhood and take some time to myself to enjoy it.

I listened to this song whilst walking, those lyrics hit home:

“Look to the skies when moments are high, smile and shout ‘I won this fight’!”

“Ryan, you fucking did it” I said to myself.

It wouldn’t be another 6 months until I was making enough to quit my job, but it was now real.

I could see it, for a fact.

I had proof.

This is why I love entrepreneurship.

The more you build your system, you experience more results with less effort.

Sweat is paid back multiple times over once you get the system right…



The lesson for today is this:

For those of you hustling hard to make those first few inches, keep going until you get that first win.

That’s your first “pit stop”, take a moment to celebrate and acknowledge the win to yourself.

Enjoy it.

Then keep going, and know that your results are going to compound upon themselves the more you work your system.

Win the battle on the inside first (that’s the hardest), and it’s just a matter of time before the outside falls into place.

All the best,

Ryan “All About The Small Win” Kuchel


The Kindle biz continues to conveniently cover all my living expenses (and then some) without my input, however I’m not currently focused on growing it, as I have other bigger and better plans that I’m putting into action…

But, there is still massive potential to make some decent cash on the Amazon Kindle store for those who are willing to put in the work.

If you’re interested in doing something like this, I learned it all from Jason Bracht.

Legit dude, he knows his stuff.

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