Do You Have A Failure Mindset?

Today I’m going to talk about failure…

Specifically, failures I’ve had in the past when it comes to my entrepreneurial endeavors, and I’m going to reveal to you the flawed mindset that brought about said failures.

This flawed mindset resulted in me spending a couple of years spinning my wheels, not making any significant progress and becoming increasingly frustrated and desperate to be able to make a living online an earn my freedom…

You see, back when I first started out I would work as a bartender at nights and on the weekends, and spend as much of my free time as possible during the day working on my entrepreneurial projects.

Looking back, I can see how this mindset kept me trapped in place, and if I could go back to my past self and get him to read what I’m about to write, I don’t doubt it would have saved me massive amounts of frustration and stress.

The 2 Biggest Mindset Mistakes I Made As An Entrepreneur:

  1. Wanting to just ‘make money’ rather than build the ability to make money

When I first started out trying to make money online, I was simply focused on trying to make money as quickly and easily as possible.

I had very little desire or intention to work on building the skills that would earn me money, it was all about how quickly I could hope to make it.

My actions were mostly researching the best way (quickest and easiest) to do it, rather than working on and increasing my ability.

When I started viewing my skills and knowledge as an asset, and focused on the process of becoming proficient at small, yet important areas of my skill-set, things started falling into place a lot easier.


  1. Changing focus instead of pushing through obstacles

A large part of success largely comes from the ability to consistently repeat small actions over and over again, for a long period of time.

It’s not really sexy or exciting, but something as simple as sitting down to write everyday has a massive effect on results in the long term.

However when starting out, I loved to chase the excitement…

And when things started getting boring, tedious, or obstacles arose that made taking action increasingly difficult, I would tend to say “let’s find another way” and start researching new ideas, courses or products, rather than simply doing the grunt work of grinding my way through the obstacle.

The result of this is that I started a lot of things, and finished very few of them.

When the inevitable roadblock came up, I would turn around and search for another road, rather than find a solution to getting past the roadblock.

This resulted in a lot of time, energy and resources channeled into things that never got off the ground enough to make any real money.

My impatience and restlessness caused my success to take a lot longer.

Eventually I just got sick of starting over again, and decided to commit to one thing, and get it off the ground before I would allow myself to even think about anything else.

Once I got focused, I started to actually make money.


It wasn’t until I corrected the mindset flaws mentioned above that I actually started to experience success.

And at the time I didn’t really hate my job, but I hated not having my freedom.

I was dissatisfied with where I was at because I knew an alternative was possible, and that lead to impatience, which sabotaged my efforts.

The biggest takeaway from those few years spent getting nowhere is this:

Success is a process and not an event, it doesn’t come overnight, but by simply focusing on laying one brick at a time (and laying it well) eventually success will come.

Take the lessons from these failures and run with it,

You’ll be surprised as to what you can do…

All the best,


Ryan “Success Mindset” Kuchel

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