Do This ONE Thing To Simplify Your Life…

If you’re reading this I’m assuming you’re not what you would consider a small thinker by any means.

You aspire to achieve big things…

You have dreams and ambitions…

However, the brutal truth is that failure is the default for most folks.

There are a variety of reasons for this, but what I’m about to explain is up there as a major contributor.

But, when you eliminate this toxic, unproductive and downright tedious behavior from your life, things become a lot easier, and a lot more simple…

Do this one thing to simplify your life:


Stop wasting your energy on trying to manage (or correct) other people perceptions of you.

And I’m not talking about simply not caring what others think, that ability develops on more of a subconscious level, both over time and through exposure to putting yourself out there.

No, this is the precursor to not caring what others think. It’s something you have direct control over. It’s a direct action.

Essentially, what this means is, as long as your relationship with those few you deeply care about are good, everyone else’s opinion isn’t worth more than a penny in cow shit…

Meaning that you do your own thing, and you let others think what they want, and you don’t waste any of your time or energy trying to change their opinion if it happens to be negative and/or one you wish were different.

No defending yourself if a rumor spreads. Have a quick chuckle and get back to work…

No pissing on with a long winded, butt-hurt Facebook status if someone rubs you the wrong way.

Do not do (or think) anything about what those who are irrelevant have to say about you.


As I mentioned yesterday, a loser is a spectator, and will frequently gossip about others.

So if people are gossiping about you, that’s a good thing, it means you’re doing something worth a shit.

As I said, close friends and family, keep those relationships as smooth as possible.

Everyone else can think you fuck kids, you’re too busy hustling to care.

Your time and energy is far too valuable to give to every random dipshit with an opinion on how you’re doing things…

There’s just too many dipshits in the world and not enough hours to set ‘em straight.

Like a train speeding through a tunnel, you keep your eyes looking straight ahead.

Don’t get distracted.

The hustle is way more fun, anyway.

All the best,


Ryan “No Time For Nonsense” Kuchel

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