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It’s been a big week for me.

Spent the week in Melbourne, cruisin’ around the city…

Drinking excessive amounts of long blacks and working from the laptop in various kool places.

Anyway, it’s almost midnight on Friday night right now, I’m feeling pretty bloody knackered to be honest.

Got a flight first thing in the morn, so I’m gonna keep it brief today.

I wanted to make sure that all you folks out there didn’t miss my free 10 day bootcamp – ‘Wake Up”, that I released earlier in the week.

Essentially it’s a 10 day, email bootcamp designed solely for the purpose of giving you the mindset and motivation to start stepping up in your life and kicking some serious ass.

Check it out here.

There are some legit mental hacks I teach in there that have been absolute game changers for me personally, that have really helped to speed up my success and effectiveness in all areas of my life.

Just a few thingz you’ll learn:

  • The simple yet powerful plan I used to turn my life around and build ruthless discipline with massive amounts of LONG TERM motivation (Day #1)
  •  How to develop what I call your “negative compass”… This is a powerful guiding system you NEED to implement when making important decisions (utilizing this means that taking right action becomes instinctual). (Day #2)
  •  The counter-intuitive way to deploy Willpower to build new, winner habits and simultaneously eliminate the damaging ones. (I’ll show you exactly how to do this in a way doesn’t leave you in a mess of burnout, feeling depleted, drained and worse off than when you started. (Day #9)
  • How to not only overcome past actions and regrets that have been holding you back until now, but a strange, yet powerful way to use them as fuel to propel you forward. (Day #6 & #7)
  • Plus stacks more…

Anyway, it is currently free at this point in time, all you gotta do is whack in your email address again (it’s a separate list from my daily emails.

However, I have received some decent feedback on the content so far, and I will probably start charging for it sometime in the near future.

So if you’re interested, I’d jump on it sooner rather than later…


All the best,


Ryan “Knackered” Kuchel

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