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2 Become Indestrucible

“Ask for an underdog, and I’ll give you one. Don’t ever fucking count me out. Don’t ever doubt my convictions. Cause when it’s all said and done. I’ll be the last man standing. I am indestructible.” One Foot In The Grave – Winds Of Plague, Resistance (2013)   Chasing a dream? Hustling day in day […]

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5 Heavy Music For Heavy Lifts

Ruthless, Positive Aggression. If you want to make progress with heavy lifting. That’s what you need.   You need to fill yourself with that aggression. You need to make sure you are constantly fueled by that aggression.   The best way to do that?

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2 How To ACTUALLY Achieve Your Goals

If you’ve ever decided to take upon a course of self improvement in any aspect of your life, you will know that when you begin informing others of your desire to improve yourself, they somehow feel qualified and obligated to give you their advice on the subject, even though 99% of the time they have […]

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