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2 The Quiet Nature Of Winning

So I’m sitting here looking at the blank page, trying to decide what I’m gonna write about to you subscribers tonight… Thinking back over my day, and nothing really stood out that much… Just a very normal day to be honest. But there’s something to be said for days like this… For days when it’s […]

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1 Music That Will Get You Fired Up

Just got back from the gym, feeling just average tonight. But, as I’ve said before in one way of another… consistency beats perfection. Fuck feeling good before you get moving… Just get going, regardless of how you feel to start with. And if you do get lucky and find yourself in thee zone, well then […]

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My Big Dumb eBay Failure

Here’s a story I’m definitely not proud of… Back when I was 18 years old and phresh out of high school. I managed to get myself (stupidly) scammed out of a decent amount of cash online. Long story short, I found some cheap seller of Apple products on eBay. Macbooks and iPhones if my memory […]

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