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Do This When Shit Gets Tough…

Today I’ve got a quick, yet practical and beneficial lesson for you fellow hustlers out there, on an extremely effective technique I use often for dealing with the problems and difficulties that arise along my journey as an entrepreneur…   The problem: Living in a society that is connected to pretty much everyone, all the […]

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How To Stop Living In Fear

Recently I wrote about the importance of never losing sight of your mortality inspired by one of Seneca’s letters, and today I’m going to follow along on the same theme. I came to a realization recently that after reading dozens and dozens of books on self improvement, philosophy and motivation, a lot of the concepts […]

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Never Lose Sight Of Your Mortality

Most of us don’t like to think about our mortality, and tend to push it away and go on living as if death were simply an unlucky chance occurrence. Which is understandable of course, death is a touchy, uncomfortable subject that is associated with a lot of pain. However, every single one of us is […]

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