Carbon Copy Clone or Individualist?

After taking a much needed  two weeks off over the end of the year to sleep in, spend a lot of time with the girlfriend and just relax, I’m feeling super pumped to be hitting 2016 fucking HARD.

And today I want to share with you a powerful idea to ponder on
as you get 2016 off to a ripper of a start.

It’s a passage from the Stoic philosopher Seneca’s
Letters from a Stoic, he says:

“Scorn the pleasure that comes from the majority’s approval.
The many speak highly of you, but have you really any grounds
for satisfaction with yourself if you are the kind of person the many
understand? Your merits should not be outward facing.”

What he’s talking about here is the tendency most people have
to take pride in their sheep-like behavior and their popularity with
the masses…

To be someone who the crowd applauds and approves of…

Essentially, to be another faceless CLONE in the world…

That admiration, is not something to be proud of, nor something to aim for.


Because in order to achieve it, you must desert your individual values
and convictions.

And if your aim is to impress the masses, you’re gonna have to sell your convictions and independent judgements and start playing the politically correct game…

Fuck that…

No thanks.

I don’t know about you, but I’m an individualist.

I don’t belong to some religion, cult or any organized standard of beliefs…

I make my own.

And I advise you to do the same, to cultivate your own independent judgement
and standards for living.

To work to become someone YOU approve of, and as long as you’re successful in that, allow yourself to be happy.

Opt out of the need for the approval of anyone besides yourself.

Set your own standards and live up to them, regardless of who condemns, misunderstands, ridicules or vilifies you.

Here’s to a MASSIVE 2016, and to you shunning the way of the sheeple
around you and moving toward a life of YOUR choosing.

Kill it,

Ryan “Individualist” Kuchel


What are you focused on achieving this year?

Post a comment below and let me know.

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