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How To Eliminate Negative Thoughts & Emotions

Today I wanna riff about shitty thoughts and how to deal with them… First off, I’ll start by saying that a negative thought is any thought that you have that produces an undesirable/damaging emotional response inside your body. For example; stress, anxiety, unease, anger, frustration, depression, fear, guilt, regret. Essentially, any thought that becomes a […]

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2 The Quiet Nature Of Winning

So I’m sitting here looking at the blank page, trying to decide what I’m gonna write about to you subscribers tonight… Thinking back over my day, and nothing really stood out that much… Just a very normal day to be honest. But there’s something to be said for days like this… For days when it’s […]

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How To Develop Your Unique “Voice”

Today, lez talk about writing, and how to develop your own “voice”. (Will finish of the MMO series tomorra) I got another question from the same reader as yesterday, he wants to know: “My problem is I don’t have ‘a voice’ like you, Victor Pride or some of my other favorite writers. My life and […]

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