IMG_0401Hey there,

My name is Ryan Kuchel. I’m the founder of Aggressive Evolution.

I’m an entrepreneur who has taken upon myself to aggressively evolve into the strongest person I can be..

After spending one year in university, I realized very quickly that following the ‘safe’ path and getting a steady job could lead to nothing other than boredom, limitations and unhappiness. I decided that the only way I can live the life I want is to forge my own path and make my own decision.

Aggressive Evolution is where I share my experiences, knowledge and wisdom to those of you who also trying to create a life that is lived on your terms.

I live my life by the following values:

  • The point of your life is to be always evolving. When you’re constantly evolving, that’s when you’ll experience real happiness.
  • The majority are almost always wrong about everything; finances, health, success, happiness. I have decided that in order to live a life I’m happy with I’m going to have to go against social convention most of the time. I have detached myself from the tribe and am forging my own path. I am Self Reliant.
  • I live my life on my terms. I don’t take orders from anyone, freedom is my #1 value.
  • I am 100% responsible for my life and circumstances. I am accountable for everything in my life, positive or negative.
  • Living well is a skill, practice it daily. Just as a guitarist needs to practice guitar to become a better guitarist, in order to be happy and content one must cultivate and develop to practice of living well.
  • I am an avid student of Stoic philosophy. It is the closest thing I have to a ‘religion’. I focus on what I cannot control and treat things that are outside of me with as much indifference as possible.
  • Lean into pain, pull back from pleasure. Pain is the catalyst growth and strength, pleasure turns one soft and womanish (as Seneca would say). Pleasure is to be indulged in primarily for the purpose rest and recovery.
  • The Hustle is life. Learn to love the grind, no matter what happens you can always hustle.


If you are easily offended by political incorrectness or confronting truths, this site isn’t for you.

I am not here to gain the approval of sensitive types or pander to weakness by sugar-coating inconvenient truths.

I am not here to help sucky people feel better about sucking. If your life is shit, let’s stop pretending and let’s start fixing it.

I am here to help others to evolve, to inspire, motivate and connect with winners who share my values.

All the best,

Ryan Kuchel