7 Ways Procrastination Is Ruining Your Life

It’s a daily occurrence for most…

Something needs to get done…

It’s important.

And getting it done will make a big difference in your life.

You’re aware of this…

But you just don’t, you know, do it.

Instead you scroll mindlessly through Facebook, or realise you’ve been “watching a couple of youtube videos” for two hours.

Besides the obvious fact that well, you just don’t get anything done, here are another 7 ways procrastination is ruining your life…

1. Habit Reinforcement

It’s no secret that habits are formed and reinforced by their corresponding act, and the habit of procrastinating is no exception.

Simply put, by giving in to procrastination you are not simply admitting a one-off defeat, rather you’ve increased your tendency to do so in the future.

2. Anti-Work Mindset

By procrastinating and putting off the thing that you need to do, you’re operating on the assumption that work is something negative and should be avoided.

You believe that happiness lies in the elimination of work, instead of learning to love the process of working.

What you’re dreading isn’t the work (even though that’s what you think it is), it’s more than likely the transition period from “mindless zombie scrolling through Facebook” mode, into to “getting shit done” mode, i.e. shifting from “consuming” to “producing”.

Which leads into my next point…

3. Indulgence in Bullshit

As a side effect of putting off the thing that you should be doing, you’re now wide-open and vulnerable to the plethora of nonsense and bullshit online that literally poisons your mind and makes you dumber.

For example, you start scrolling through Facebook:

  • Someone you knew from high school is now having a baby.
  • A viral post about an animal getting abused tugs your heart strings, you share it on your timeline, commenting vaguely on the state of “humanity these days”…
  • You read a quote that you relate to about some common habit and you tag a few of your friends, telling them “this is so me”.
  • You watch a video of someone getting knocked out…

You’re mind is rotting, and all the while nothing is getting done.

And what’s even more ridiculous, is that not only are you not getting anything done, if you stopped and asked yourself, you’re not really having that much fun with all this nonsense.

It’d be different if you didn’t get your work done because you went on an adventure with some friends, or even went and saw an awesome movie.

If you actually you know, enjoyed yourself.

But no, you’re just idly consuming content that isn’t even really enjoyable, it’s barely a step up from being bored.

One viral, clickbait post after the next…

It’s literally like junk food for the mind.

This “derr” state is dangerously addictive.

And as long as you “derr” around the internet, slowly but surely, you’re becoming dumber…

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4. Excuse Making

The fact that you’re not making any kind of progress gets to you, it makes you feel bad.

But, instead of actually taking action, you start making excuses for yourself as to why now is not the best time:

“I’ll start on Monday at the start of the week…”

“I’ll just watch this one video, then I’ll begin…”

“I need to take some time to relax, life isn’t all about working right?”

The thing with these excuses is that they’re rarely ever legitimate, they’re just a rationalization you’re telling yourself so you let yourself off the hook internally.

And what’s worse, is this habit of excuse making is being solidified into your character.

And good luck trying to accomplish anything worth a shit if you’re a chronic excuse maker.

5. Living in Delusion

A simple way to tell if someone isn’t an action-taker, is in the way the have extremely optimistic beliefs about what they could do if they only tried.

“I could get in shape if I really wanted to, I know what to do it’s just a matter of doing it.”

Yeah, right. And who says your plan is going to work out exactly as it happens in your head?

Action-takers that are constantly hitting walls are very dialed into the reality of how difficult most things are to do…

Even when they know how to do them, they know that there’s a huge gap between knowing how to do something and actually executing it in reality.

Reality and the way you projected it in your head are very often two very different worlds, the action-taker acknowledges there will be setbacks and knows wasting time with procrastination is a luxury he can’t afford.

6. Your Soul Becomes Poisoned


If you have a path you know you should be walking and you’re not doing it, you’re soul starts dying on the inside.

Your integrity, happiness, self-esteem, contentment, basically EVERYTHING starts to erode and die, while depression sets in and makes itself at home…

Procrastination is an impulse from the weaker side of yourself…

The side that is resisting your becoming a better, more evolved person.

On the flip-side, the moment you start to take action in the direction of your dreams you actually start to wake up and enjoy the process.

Progress becomes addictive and enjoyable.

7. Affinity with Other Procrastinators

Another subtle but life-ruining consequence of procrastination is that you’re drawn to other procrastinators, and these people will more than likely exhibit most of, or all of the behaviors I listed above.

You see, it’s easy to joke about a procrastination problem with strangers, and you even start to believe it’s okay:

“They’re struggling to get started too, so it’s not that big of a deal.”

I couldn’t get any more cliche when I say “two wrongs don’t make a right”, but well, this situation is no exception.

Being around other procrastinators is bad news for everyone involved…

For example:

  1. You’re around other people who struggle to take action, so you start believe it’s okay…
  2. You’re now more likely to do it in the future…
  3. The more you do it, the more you influence them to continue the same behavior…
  4. They continue to influence you in return…

One big downward spiral of sucking shit and nobody gets anything done.

“I get it, procrastination is bad, so what now?”

By reading through this you should be more tuned into the actual damage you’re doing by allowing yourself to give into procrastination, and most people will not even think of any consequences beyond “I still have work to do”.

But the more you overcome procrastination, the more you’re likely to do so in the future, and it eventually it stops becoming a problem as taking action becomes a predominant habit (although to be fair, the urge to procrastinate never goes away completely).

At the end of the day, no matter what you’d rather be doing, you need to ask yourself:

“Is anything getting done?”

Can you think of number 8? Add it to the comments below…

All the best,

Ryan Kuchel


(NOTE: Want to know a super simple technique to overcome chronic procrastination in 12 minutes or less? Download the “Procrastination Cheat Sheet” for FREE, click here)

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