4 Traits That Separate Winners From Losers

You know, there’s something that’s extremely common in todays society, that I find disgustingly inexcusable…

And that is the level of mediocrity that most people will settle for in their lives.

And not only that, but the constant, display of loser like behavior that is not only left unchecked, but in a lot of cases encouraged among the masses.

So right here I’m going to call out four bullshit traits, reserved exclusively for the losers, that should be eradicated from any self-respecting mans character as quickly as possible…

Here we go:

  1. A Victim Mindset

A common trait among the losers is that they are where they are because of things totally outside of their control, and all fault lies within external parties.

They rarely take responsibility for any of their failures, and therefore never experience any success either.

I suspect that in a way, a lot of people are glad when things go wrong, because now they have a nice big, comfortable excuse to hide behind instead of going to all the trouble of doing the shit they would otherwise have to do fix whatever it is they’re complaining about.

A loser says: “I can’t do it, because this thing happened.”

A winner says: “Despite this situation, how can I make this happen?”


  1. Spectating & Gossiping

A quick way to pick out a loser is to listen to their general conversation.

Are they talking about battles they’re currently facing, or are they spending all their energy and focus on watching others?

Are they gossiping about the biggest guy in the gym? Or are they grinding away to catch up to him?

Are they bitching about how greedy the millionaire is whom they went to high school with? Or are they busy working their plan to make their millions?

A loser is on the sidelines, spouting his uninformed and worthless opinions on those in the ring…

When they fail, he laughs at them.

When they succeed, he hates on them.

All the while he’s rotting away, those in the ring are growing, becoming stronger and better.


  1. Hating

Spectating and gossiping naturally leads to hating and other forms of negative energy.

A loser will often spend his time venting negative energy (mostly in anonymity on the internet), trying to pull down those that are on the rise.

A winner doesn’t hate, he doesn’t have time to hate.

He’s too focused on winning.


  1. Being Closed Minded

A loser will instantly reject anything that promises some benefit of reward that he believes is outside of his possibility, which is pretty much anything aimed at improving any substantial area of ones life (health, wealth, relationships etc)


For example, there are lots of courses online on ways to make money on the internet.

Being an internet entrepreneur, I’ve been through a hefty handful of them myself.

Some are alright, some shitty, a few are awesome.

But I’m never really afraid to give them a chance…

If I’ve got the money, and the seller looks legit, I’ll take a chance.

And usually I’m better off because of it.

However most people will look at the same courses and say: “It’s a scam dude, you actually fell for that shit?”

They don’t want to even begin to question if they’ve could have avoided slaving away for years at their shitty job, or that simply there are better ways to make money than working for an hourly rate.

But no, the losers don’t like having their (limited) worldview questioned.

They’re happier believing that it’s all a scam, nothing good ever happens and that life is supposed to be a blur of drudgery and shitty mediocrity, with a few bright (intoxicated) spots here and there (that become less and less frequent with age), and then you die.

A winner on the other hand, believes that when he applies his mind, anything is possible.

And his mind is open to learning what he needs to learn.


Try to spot these traits in people you know over the next few days.

You’ll find that whenever a person exhibits these loser traits, they are surely living a shitty life of mediocrity.

Yet those few who exhibit the winner traits, will be the ones who will be kicking ass (or are on their way up, fast).

All the best,


Ryan “Spot The Winner” Kuchel


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Ryan Kuchel is an entrepreneur and founder of AggressiveEvolution.com.

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