3 Ways To Not Have A Good Day

As I mentioned on Friday, I was away from home last week, working from the laptop in the Melbourne CBD.

While it was good to get away to the city for a bit, it did shake me up in more ways that one (I don’t travel all that much so I’m not really used to it)…

One of the biggest things that threw me around was my inability to not go about my morning routine as I normally would.

So I thought today I’d share the things that I really noticed when not doing on a daily basis, in hopes that you can learn from my mistakes and not have to find out the hard way ( btw if you’re not doing the things I’m about to mention below, I recommend implementing them into your daily routine ASAP) :

  1. Not Stretching

This hit me a lot harder than I thought it would, especially since I spent a lot of time working on (read: hunched over) the laptop, the health and integrity of my back and hips started declining VERY rapidly.

After spending the weekend getting a shit load of sleep and getting back to my stretches today, and things are feeling a waaaay looser and less achy.

Lesson: Stretch everyday, even when you think you’re all good.

  1. Not Meditating

I’ve only just recently started meditating again, as I quite stupidly let my back pain get to a point where sitting cross legged for 20 minutes brought on more discomfort than what it was worth (good one, Ryan).

However, after letting my meditation slip over the week, I certainty noticed the differences in the clarity of my thoughts and my emotional control.

Lesson: Meditate everyday, yes, especially when you think you’re all good.

Note: Looking for a non “woo-woo” resource for learning meditation?

That’s focused on primarily on improving your mental and emotional health?

Sweet, I strongly recommend you check out this YouTube vid by a guy named Owen Cook (goes for around an hour or so).

  1. Lack of Routine in General

Overall, I found not having a set routine to stick to when I wake up to be a ridiculous killer for productivity.

Without having something to get to right away, I’d often find myself spending a lot of time going through emails or getting distracted somewhere or other on my phone, before I decided to get moving and get to work.

Lesson: Always keep some kind of morning ritual to get yourself moving, no matter where you find yourself. Otherwise you’re likely to piss around with nonsense for a lot longer than is necessary.

All the best,

Ryan “Learn From My Mistakes” Kuchel


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