What To Do If You’re Stagnant…

So it’s Friday night, 6:45 pm as I write this.

Had a BIG week, and I’m finishing it off strong today.

What about you?

Did you spend your week getting shit dun?

Or were you like most and spent most of your time putting shit off?

Sad but true…

Most people spend their lives running from the things they need to do most…

Their lives are a by-product of fear.

They distract themselves and cause all sorrrrtttsss of problems for themselves so they have a valid excuse for not taking action.

The thing is, once you get moving, and start building some momentum, things will start to snowball…

Getting started is the tough part.

Just the initial shifting gears…

Check out this vid, it demonstrates quite simply a universal principle of nature – the power momentum has to create leverage:


Just like in that vid, you’re gonna have to set the first domino in motion yourself…

It’ll take some grit to get yourself up and moving.

But once momentum is on your side, you’ll wonder why the fuck you waited so long.

Best way to get moving?

Glad you asked, mayte…

Gimme 10 days and I’ll help you just that…

Go here to learn how:


It’s free (for now).

It’s powerful.

It works.

Have a ripper of a weekend, I’m gonna go get myself a burrito.

Then I’ve got a lot of sleep to catch up on…

All the best,


Ryan “Momentum Builder” Kuchel

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