Love the Grind

Dead lift positionLife is the grind, you need to learn to love the grind.
For if you hate the grind, you hate life.


You’ve most-likely heard it before, the social narrative that goes like this:

“Spend the majority of your time quietly suffering through drudgery, and you’ll be rewarded with brief windows in which you are allowed to “live life” (indulge in as much immediately gratifying consumerism as possible).”

For the mediocrities, it’s considered “weird” to enjoy any activity that benefits your life (the grind), and normal to quietly suffer in order to live out brief moments of titillation and escapism.

It’s socially acceptable to complain about working out, about dieting, about putting in work to become better.

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Swear Allegiance To Pain

pain“I swear allegiance to pain, I draw fuel from the fire inside me”

Allegiance to Pain, Prison


Want to build a body that emanates awesomeness?

Want to know how to progress in the gym at such a rate that the mediocrities decide you must be on steroids? (A high quality problem).

This simple mindset I’m about to describe is what allows me make consistent and noteworthy progress in the gym week in, week out with a grin on my face and a never-faltering hunger in my post-set, bloodshot eyes.

It’s simple, but antonymous to the way 99% of gym-goers train, heck, antonymous to the way 99% of the population live their entire lives.

You see, my “secret”, the reason why I and a few others make progress so easily and rapidly, is stated simply in the title of this post.


I Swear Allegiance to Pain.

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Stop Dieting Like a Dumbass, Why You’re Not Losing Fat – Part 2

In part one of this series, I discussed some of the common yet easily avoidable mistakes I see a lot of people making when it comes to dieting and their endeavors to get/remain lean.

In this second installment, I’m going to lay down another three damaging errors that self-proclaimed “fitness freaks” commit regularly which are such a simple Google search away from being fixed I don’t really understand how they occur in the volume they do.

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Keto Coaching – Pay What You Wish

Have you been considering following a ketogenic diet but don’t quite know where to start? Or maybe you’re just finding it difficult and you’re not seeing any results.

Well, based on my high level of experience, knowledge and success with ketogenic dieting, I am going to be offering my services as a ketogenic diet coach and am going to be selecting three individuals to mentor.

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Why It’s Good To Be Despised By The Weak

Raplh Waldo Emerson“The only right is what is after my constitution, the only wrong what is against it.”

- Ralph Waldo Emerson

You’ve probably seen it before, Johnny Badass steps up in life.

He starts killing it in a field that requires an extremely high level of intelligence, skill, discipline and application of ones mind.

Instead of those lesser in skill and ability sending their congratulations and drawing inspiration from this mans achievements, most are quick to damn his virtues and spew out as many spite-fueled insults from the shadows as they can get away with (the anonymity of the internet is taken full advantage of here).

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