How To Break Shitty Habits Once And For All

Today I want to talk to you about bad habits and what it takes to break them for good… something that is essential if you want to earn your freedom and start living life on your own terms. A few days ago, I sent out a email asking for your top questions when it comes […]

14 Social Myths That Destroy Your Chances of Success

You’ve been there before and you’re probably gonna be there again… Sitting there politely taking to life advice from a friend, family member, teacher or an over-zealous acquaintance… The advice is the same rehashed, politically correct bullshit you’ve heard 1000 times before… And despite coming with good intentions, the only thing this advice is going […]

7 Ways Procrastination Is Ruining Your Life

It’s a daily occurrence for most… Something needs to get done… It’s important. And getting it done will make a big difference in your life. You’re aware of this… But you just don’t, you know, do it. Instead you scroll mindlessly through Facebook, or realise you’ve been “watching a couple of youtube videos” for two […]

The “Secret” to Building Discipline

“How do I develop discipline? How do I stop being lazy and stop being a loser?” Recently, I’ve been receiving numerous emails looking for the answer to this question. And my answer (like most things) is simple but not always easy: If you want to be disciplined, then you simply do discipline. After you’ve done […]

Why the Hustle is Always Worth it

“How long is it going to take? How much work will I have to put in? Instead of getting started, I’m going to bullshit around trying to figure out exactly how much time and effort it will it require until I reach my goal, so I can decide if it will be worth it.”   […]

One Concession May as Well Be Ten

“With every concession, another piece of us dies.” Naysayer – Architects One of the character virtues I advocate here on Aggressive Evolution is the strength of having the discipline to follow through with your convictions, the strength to continue down a path you’ve committed to regardless of the momentary pleasure you’re to experience by surrendering […]

Failure is the Default

“Don’t stress, we’ll all get there in the end. Just relax, it’ll all be okay.”   This is a phrase often spouted by losers who don’t want to have to deal with the fact that until they get their act together and start taking action towards their goals, they aren’t going to achieve shit and […]

Love the Grind

Life is the grind, you need to learn to love the grind. For if you hate the grind, you hate life.   You’ve most-likely heard it before, the social narrative that goes like this: “Spend the majority of your time quietly suffering through drudgery, and you’ll be rewarded with brief windows in which you are […]