Stop Dieting Like a Dumbass, Why You’re Not Losing Fat – Part 2

In part one of this series, I discussed some of the common yet easily avoidable mistakes I see a lot of people making when it comes to dieting and their endeavors to get/remain lean.

In this second installment, I’m going to lay down another three damaging errors that self-proclaimed “fitness freaks” commit regularly which are such a simple Google search away from being fixed I don’t really understand how they occur in the volume they do.

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Keto Coaching – Pay What You Wish

Have you been considering following a ketogenic diet but don’t quite know where to start? Or maybe you’re just finding it difficult and you’re not seeing any results.

Well, based on my high level of experience, knowledge and success with ketogenic dieting, I am going to be offering my services as a ketogenic diet coach and am going to be selecting three individuals to mentor.

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Why It’s Good To Be Despised By The Weak

Raplh Waldo Emerson“The only right is what is after my constitution, the only wrong what is against it.”

- Ralph Waldo Emerson

You’ve probably seen it before, Johnny Badass steps up in life.

He starts killing it in a field that requires an extremely high level of intelligence, skill, discipline and application of ones mind.

Instead of those lesser in skill and ability sending their congratulations and drawing inspiration from this mans achievements, most are quick to damn his virtues and spew out as many spite-fueled insults from the shadows as they can get away with (the anonymity of the internet is taken full advantage of here).

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Stop Dieting Like A Dumbass, Why You’re Not Losing Fat – Part 1

This wasn't really particularly hard or painful.

Getting to this stage was not only simple, but enjoyable for the most part.

If there’s one thing I’ve noticed over the past 18+ months of strict dieting and training, it’s that when it comes to making dietary choices, most people just plain suck at it and consequently make life ridiculously and unnecessarily hard for themselves.

Whether it’s your average glutton who would rather ignore their rapidly expanding waist line completely as they salivate over their online order of Dominoes pizza, or the self-proclaimed “gym junkie” who worships dogmatic, mainstream dieting advice and lives on weight watchers bars and boost juice smoothies, spending more time and effort buying fitness branded clothing and posting it on Instagram than doing real research and finding out what is going to produce results – the end result is that a lot of people are suffering through the affliction of having shitty bodies. When correcting their errors is generally quite simple to do, so long as they find and apply the correct knowledge.

So, in this post I am going to present some of the idiotic, yet not uncommon mistakes I witness both in the people around me and online which constantly serves as a reminder that just because I find it effortlessly simple to stay in shape and make steady progress with strength-building and fat-loss, most people are about as competent at looking after their body as most girls who frequent Lorna Jane are at not being irritating on social media.

The following advice mostly goes against the general consensus (the same consensus that has produced the sea of overweight and depressed individuals swarming every public place of the first world), and I want to make it known that this advice is for people who actually make decisions based on their own rational judgement, without looking to daddy government, a mainstream news report or the dogmatic and over-zealous opinions of random fatties they are exposed to daily to do their thinking for them.

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Permission is for Pussies

Permission is for pussiesA few weeks ago I packed up my things and flew to Chiang Mai, Thailand with a one way ticket and a 6 month tourist Visa.

This was the first time I have ever left Australia, I went alone with nothing but a backpack and a duffel bag with a small selection of clothes and basic items.

I have been living in Chiang Mai for the past few weeks and I have so far been successful in achieving what I had set out to do, which is to meet successful digital nomads/online entrepreneurs, network with them and gain insight into the lifestyle they live and how they actually make money from their laptop while they travel around the world.

Why did I do this?

Simple really, I have decided that working for the boss-man far into the foreseeable future just isn’t good enough for me. So I am doing what it takes to become a person who knows how to completely sustain himself financially without relying on an hourly rate and orders to follow.

In other words, Freedom is a value which is given utmost priority in my life.


Now most people would have consulted their friends and family and made sure they were met with approval before fucking off to another country to live indefinitely like I did.

Which brings me to the point of this post; seeking permission is for pussies.

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